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    iFly Jets 747-400

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    Though the development of the 747 nearly bankrupted Boeing initially, the plane has now evolved to become one of the most recognizable aircraft that ever took to the skies. Today, the 747 has been adapted to fill multiple roles beyond that of a passenger and cargo aircraft, including the carrier aircraft for the space shuttle, an airborne telescope and laser (separate aircraft) and even the presidential transport for the United States of America and several other countries.

    The -400 model of the 747 which we will look at today features many improvements over its "classic" predecessors, including glass cockpit displays and, most notably, a 2-man crew instead of three. The -400 also had several derivatives, including the 747-400M combi for carrying both cargo and passengers, the 747-400D for filling high density domestic routes (and lacks winglets!) and the Large Cargo Freighter (LCF) for transporting oversized cargo.

    iFly 747     iFly 747

    iFly 747     iFly 747


    iFly has faithfully recreated the 747-400 in all its glory for Prepar3D (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) and of course, Flight Simulator X. Included in this package is the base passenger version of the 747-400 with three engine configurations: The General Electric CF6-80, the Rolls-Royce RB211 and the Pratt and Whitney PW4000.

    An update in December of 2018 introduced the 747-8i passenger model, at no additional cost to registered users of the iFly 747-400 v2. This is not a simple exterior model, but includes several important system changes as well, including an Electronic Checklist and several updates to the panel displays, resulting in a somewhat comprehensive 747-8i simulation beyond an exterior model change. More information is included in a PDF after installing the update.

    Furthermore, should you wish to become a cargo pilot, the iFly team has introduced a 747 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) model of the 747-400 in February this year, which features appropriate adjustments to the model of the -400 to reflect the aircraft in real life. However, the BCF model is not available for 32 bit versions of P3D and FSX, a reasonable decision considering the myriad of benefits a 64-bit simulator has.

    Hence, for the price of the 747-400, you would receive five variants of the 747 in total: the -400 GE, -400 PW, -400 RR, -8i and BCF.

    iFly 747     iFly 747

    iFly 747     iFly 747

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    1. JSMR's Avatar
      JSMR -
      for the price of the 747-400, you would receive five variants of the 747 in total: the -400 GE, -400 PW, -400 RR, -8i and BCF.
      Actually, you only get 2 models. The -400 and the -8i. Developers are getting better at false advertising it seems.

      The -400 is only one model. The 'different' engine 'variants' are sound differences only. The performance is exactly the same on each.
      The BCF is nothing more then a external paint job. Same as the -400.

      Developers must think we're stupid eh? Dear oh dear.
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