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    The Saab brand is commonly associated with swift and agile fighter jets such as the Gripen, but much like Lockheed, Saab too tried to venture into the civilian airliner market at one point. In the 1970s, Saab saw interest in entering the market for civilian airliners.

    Whilst you might expect a swift and sleek airliner from a company that produced fighters, the Saab 340 was actually designed with primary concerns for economy, due to the energy crisis at the time it was conceived. For this reason, the aircraft is powered by two turboprop engines and optimized for short haul flights.

    The aircraft made its maiden flight on the 25th of January 1983 and eventually sold close to 500 units, with many belonging to airlines around the world, but also a few chosen to be VIP transports. Unfortunately due to stiff competition from other regional aircraft manufacturers, Saab terminated production of the aircraft in 1999, though many examples continue to take to the skies today.

    Carenado - Saab S340     Carenado - Saab S340


    I've always been impressed by the looks of Carenado's products, and this is no different. The Saab 340 is beautifully recreated for us to enjoy, from high quality textures to a full set of custom gauges in the cockpit.

    In your simulator's root folder, you'll find a Carenado folder with several PDF documents that detail how to get the best experience, from recommended simulator settings to various checklists and references required to fly the aircraft.

    The package also contains two models of the Saab 340: the full version and the LITE version, the latter of which does not include a virtual cabin for those running their simulators on older systems or prefer to have a few extra frames.

    Carenado - Saab S340     Carenado - Saab S340

    Exterior Looks

    Loading the aircraft up on a clear day, the work that went into creating this aircraft becomes immediately apparent. Whilst the S340 isn't perhaps the best-looking prop out there, it certainly is one of the more unusual airliners that not many developers have recreated, much less to the detail that Carenado has done.

    Carenado has included nine HD liveries and one blank one for the repainters out there. The textures are of very high quality (4096 x 4096) as can be expected of a Carenado product. Of the nine HD liveries, eight represent airlines around the world, from UK-based Flybe to Japan's Japan Air Lines. The final livery appears to be that of a private S340 so that you can embark on charter flights to any destination of your choosing.

    Carenado - Saab S340     Carenado - Saab S340

    Carenado - Saab S340     Carenado - Saab S340

    Carenado - Saab S340     Carenado - Saab S340

    Carenado - Saab S340

    Doors on the aircraft are, well, few for an aircraft of this size and only the passenger and rear cargo doors are animated for this aircraft. Nonetheless, the folding stairs of the passenger door are included.

    Parked on the ramp, the Saab is tended to by various ground services included as part of the package. These include engine covers and an aircraft tug, and even a ground power unit that is functional. If you already have a ground services add-on, these elements can easily be disabled with the click of a button, though you lose the ability to use ground power if you do so. Whilst the looks certainly do speak for themselves, I was somewhat disappointed that these ground services, including the tug, disappear as soon as the parking brakes are released. It would've been nice to see the pushback tug to be functional and visible during pushback, especially since even freeware aircraft occasionally come with custom pushback tugs.

    Carenado - Saab S340

    1. jgmustang's Avatar
      jgmustang -
      Cannot even get this aircraft to start just like a few other recent Carenado purchases. They should have left things alone panel wise so that no matter what you use, mouse, keyboard, or a co-pilot program, you can fly this aircraft.
    1. bernies's Avatar
      bernies -
      Starts fine for me. All Carenado aircraft including F50 seem to start correctly. Maybe read the doco or go to Youtube if you are having trouble.
    1. novvar67's Avatar
      novvar67 -
      I do love the model. I do not love the performance. As with other Carenado turboprops, these do not start properly. Startup and shutdown should have a feather option or feather simulation with a smooth transition dependent on the condition levers, which these do not. Instead startup is on and shutdown is off, no matter what, even with the prop condition levers moved to the feather position. Why is this?
    1. wills50's Avatar
      wills50 -
      I got the X-Plane version. I love it.
    1. darthfinkles's Avatar
      darthfinkles -
      Why is the Saab so large in the menu? It also has an odd view when you select 's' button to see the outside, does anyone know how to correct this?
    1. 7hepro's Avatar
      7hepro -
      Quote Originally Posted by darthfinkles View Post
      Why is the Saab so large in the menu? It also has an odd view when you select 's' button to see the outside, does anyone know how to correct this?
      It seems that this is the result of Carenado setting an incorrect "model radius" value for the model. So, the flight simulator thinks it's loading a smaller aircraft so it zooms the camera in to give you a full view of what it thinks is the full model. The weird camera effect when in the spot view is just a wide angle effect from zooming the camera out all the way.

      To fix this you'll need to download a utility such as RAIdtor or something similar and set a larger value for the model radius
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