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    AF Scrub Il-4     AF Scrub Il-4

    Ilyushin Il-4

    Our final aircraft is the Ilyushin Il-4, a twin engined Soviet bomber from the Second World War. Developed in 1936 from the Ilyushin DB-3, over 5000 were built, with the aircraft seeing service with the Soviet Union, the Chinese Nationalist Air Force, Finnish Air Force, and Germany's Luftwaffe.

    Although the Ilyushin Il-4 was only a medium bomber, it had the range to be used on strategic missions and was used on several long-range bombing raids against Berlin in 1941.

    Two liveries are included with this vintage model, and whilst seemingly dull at first sight, do a great job at showing off the utilitarian virtues of the aircraft.

    AF Scrub Il-4     AF Scrub Il-4

    Another area of the model I enjoyed, were the sound samples used to portray the Ilyushin's twin engines. Now, I'm not sure if these are an exact match to those of the real aircraft, but they were most convincing, and so good enough for me!

    AF Scrub Il-4     AF Scrub Il-4

    Even though this aircraft is the last model to be mentioned in this article, it is without doubt my favorite. There's just something about the styling which I find interesting, and suffice to say, it's the one with the most flying hours!

    AF Scrub Il-4     AF Scrub Il-4

    You can find this model in the file library: ilyushin_il4.zip

    So there you have it, three incredibly enjoyable aircraft from A.F. Scrub, a genuinely talented freeware developer! I can honestly say that each one of the aircraft mentioned above is well worth investing time in, with the added bonus that each one performs well with both Prepar3D and FSX.

    True, none of the above models are study level, but it's also true that they weren't designed to be (for that you have expensive payware models available). What these aircraft do offer however, is some good old fashioned fun; just right for when you want to put that studying book away!

    Nirosan Pragash

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    1. degeus's Avatar
      degeus -
      Since mr Scrub makes his aircraft available for Prepar3D V4 I am a very, very satisfied "customer"of him. Most of his warbirds are now in my hangar.
      Piet de Geus
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