• Review: Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Trudeau Airport

    Next, I looked at the taxiways and asphalt areas. In much the same way as the previously released CYYZ scenery, CYUL features custom taxiways and taxiway markings. The added grunge and weathered markings are very realistic, and help give the impression that the airport is used. Compared to the older CYYZ scenery, this package has a higher amount of detail in the groundwork. Apart from the taxiways, there isn't a great deal of asphalt modeled. In future updates, I would really like to see the developer make the surrounding parking lots/roads of a higher detail, especially if they happen to be right beside a taxiway or high use area. This would greatly add to the sense of realism, as you would be viewing these areas up close.

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Next, I moved onto vegetation, and it was interesting to see that this scenery does not feature 3D grass around the airfield (helpful if you have low end hardware). However, many other areas are modeled. When it comes to trees, there are some situated around the airfield, as well as some just north, but I couldn't help but think there should be a few more in certain places. To help with custom placement, there were exclusion zones in place where default trees would have been, but unfortunately I could still see a few poking through. Overall, the vegetation is not spectacular, but looks good enough when flying in on approach.

    After taking a look at the vegetation, I focused on the buildings and custom 3D elements. On my first tour of the scenery, I noticed that a few of the warehouses and details surrounding the airport where actually default X-Plane library objects. I was not expecting to see this, especially as this was a payware scenery. However, all the airside buildings were custom made, and were modeled well. Textures of these though, were not as high as the earlier CYYZ scenery. This was especially noticeable when parked next to hangar doors.

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    One area which impressed me greatly though was the international terminal, as this was modeled extremely well. I really liked the amount of detail the developer has included, with the only let down being the textures (I felt they lacked realism). With high settings turned on, the glass and terminal textures seemed blurry when parked at the gate and viewed from the captain's seat. Overall though, I liked how the buildings were modeled; I just would have appreciated a bit more time and effort with the textures.

    Exploring even further, I was pleasantly surprised to see custom ground vehicles, and even more so when I saw the "mobile gates" traveling between the terminal and static aircraft. This aspect of the scenery was amazing, as it's a highly unique feature in X-Plane. Also, the deicing trucks work when you call a certain frequency which adds to the realism, especially on cold Canadian flights.

    As I have had the pleasure to review previous Globall Art sceneries, I had high expectations regarding the use of night lighting, as it's an area the developer excels at. And I was right, the lighting effects simply blew me away! Hangars, terminals, and other airport structures and elements all looked amazing. I'm happy to say that Globall Art have outdone themselves again in terms of night lighting.

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    With all the above done, I decided to have a look at the included winter textures, and again, these were incredibly authentic! It's really hard to get textures which look cold, but somehow the developer has managed it, as you really do feel like it's -30 degrees when flying in or out of the airport. The developer obviously took a lot of time and care when developing the winter texture package, and as a Canadian, I'm really pleased he did!

    In regards to performance, the scenery excelled itself, and when compared to Global Art's CYYZ, this scenery performs much better. Even with a low end PC, I was still able to achieve 30+ FPS, in and around the airport. So if you have a low end PC capable of running X-Plane 10 at reasonable settings, and you're worried about frame rates, don't be, as this scenery will work well even on low end computers (while still providing you with a realistic environment).

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    In summing up, I have come to the conclusion that in some respects, Globall Art's scenery of Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport is better than their previous scenery of Toronto Pearson International Airport (CYYZ). The ground texturing and ground traffic plugin exceeded my expectations, and looks really good. The 3D modeling and texturing though, I found, was (in places), not as good as the CYYZ scenery. However, I would still recommend purchasing this scenery, as it contains a lot of unique features, and will definitely give you an authentic experience of Montreal's Trudeau International Airport. Overall I award the scenery a rating of 8/10.

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Trudeau Airport

    Patrick Putlend

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