• Review: Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Trudeau Airport

    Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

    Publisher: Globall Art

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    Patrick Putlend

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    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport or Montreal-Trudeau, formerly known as Montreal-Dorval International Airport (Aeroport International Montreal-Dorval), is an international airport serving Montreal, Quebec, Canada, located on the Island of Montreal, 20 km (12 mi) from downtown Montreal. The airport terminals are located entirely in the suburb of Dorval, while one runway is located in the Montreal borough of Saint-Laurent. Air Canada, the country's flag carrier, also has its corporate headquarters complex on the Saint-Laurent side of the airport. It also serves Greater Montreal and adjacent regions in Quebec and eastern Ontario, as well as the states of Vermont and northern New York in the United States. The airport is named in honor of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada and father of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

    As with the previous successful release of Globall Art's CYYZ scenery, I was really excited to see what Globall Art had come up with this time around. With Montreal International being one of Canada's busiest airports, and relatively close to Toronto, I thought this would be the developers next release, and I'm happy to have been right.

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Before starting up X-Plane, I took a look at the documentation and developer notes. Globall Art's CYUL scenery is available for both X-Plane 10 and 11. I really like this feature, as some of us still use the older version of the sim as it's less demanding on hardware. Once downloaded and extracted, you will find four different folders containing airport scenery, custom mesh, documentation, and optional winter textures for winter flying. I first checked out the documents folder and read the well written installation manual (the folder also includes CYUL aeronautical charts). Once I followed the install procedure, the sim was ready to be loaded. Overall, I found it really easy to install the scenery, as the instructions were very well laid out. Compared to Global Art's CYYZ, this one felt more organized and easier to install.

    Wiith the installation completed, I was now ready to view the scenery. I loaded up the sim, and found a gate to start from. I took an initial quick look around to see if there were any large imperfections, or anything that looked out of place - there were none! All buildings, vegetation, and static elements fitted nicely, and the general feeling was that of authenticity.

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport     Globall Art - CYUL Montreal Airport

    Next, I took a closer look at the ground textures which were made out of orthophotos (airport area only). Personally, I would've liked the orthophotos to extend a little further from the airport, especially on the northwest side of the airfield as it is a noticeable change when they end and default textures take over. Apart from that the textures are great, and have good resolution and clarity.

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