• FSWidgets - XTaws for Windows Released

    FSWidgets - XTaws for Windows

    FSWidgets is pleased to release a new X-Plane-exclusive product!

    XTaws for Windows is an advanced simulated TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System) and PFD (Primary Flight Display) avionics app, designed exclusively for X-Plane 11 or 10 (64 bit only).

    It displays a synthetic colour-coded 2D/3D image of approaching terrain with visual and aural warnings of imminent collision, as determined by continual FLTAA (Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance).

    Unlike a traditional panel gauge, XTaws is a standalone app which runs as a separate process and can be used with any aircraft model.

    The terrain data is read directly from X-Plane, so no need for a separate local or online terrain database!

    It can also be run on one platform with the simulator on a different platform (e.g. X-Plane running on Mac, XTaws running on Windows, etc.), offloading the work and screen space to a spare desktop or laptop.

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