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    The An-28 made its first flight as the An-14M in September 1969 in Ukraine. A subsequent preproduction aircraft first flew in April 1975. Production of the An-28 was then transferred to Poland's PZL Mielec in 1978, although it was not until 22 July 1984 that the first Polish-built production aircraft flew.

    Rolling Cumulus

    PZL Mielec was bought by Sikorsky in 2007. Purchased primarily to produce helicopter structures, the company also produces 10 M28s per year. Sikorsky's current owner, Lockheed Martin, has marketed it to the governments of Indonesia, Jordan, Poland, Vietnam, the U.S. and commercial operators in many other countries. Split equally between commercial and military applications, it competes with the Viking Air Twin Otter, the Let 410 and the Dornier 228.

    Rolling Cumulus

    We need pilots to fly this plane all over the world so SIKIT Airways was found to accomplish just that.

    Rolling Cumulus

    You will be flying this great twin turbo in Russia, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Vietnam, Eritrea and many other countries around the globe, in snow, rain and high sunny skies. The kit comes in two packages: 20 Mission pack for FSX/FSXSE and 20 Flights Pack for P3D V4. You will also find Weather Themes you can choose at any time to simulate real sky conditions. Complete specifications have been provided so pilots may practice flying it to the best standards before flying into the many new airports with our "PhotoLook" Buildings where passengers await. A SIKIT Airways Texture is provided as a bonus. Release date May 1st.

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