• Review: Accu-Sim P-51D Military


    Jumping into the cockpit I now found myself sitting in a very realistic and authentic environment. The quality that I found in the model is absolutely also found in the cockpit. There is no 2D cockpit for this add-on, only the virtual cockpit, but the quality is really superb so in my opinion there is no need for a 2D cockpit for this aircraft.

    Looking around the cockpit I just kept on finding new details - both major details but also very tiny details that just add up and provide the simmer with a sensational experience. E.g. the legends that are placed all over the cockpit and within the gauges, the steel frame for the seat, the wire that is connected to the throttle, rivets, small screws that are used to mount the various panels, etc.

    The textures used are high quality multi-layer textures featuring both a clean but also a slightly dirty look meaning that there are a certain degree of wear and tear all over the cockpit environment as I of course also expected. The degree of wear and tear is sparse and the cockpit do look newly renovated however, the wear and tear is visible numerous places like on the edge of the throttle quadrant and on some of the steel plates where the paint has been worn off. The wear and tear in my opinion helps creating the authentic atmosphere and certainly improves the experience greatly.

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military     A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    The gauges are the old steam gauges which are nicely modeled and fit the cockpit perfectly - I did notice the IAS gauge which seems to be a modern age IAS gauge and not the original gauge, but that is perfectly okay and just supports the idea of this bird being renovated. The focus has certainly kept a high level to insure the best possible experience of this classic warbird.

    The 3D performance works beautifully and the finish in the complete cockpit environment is simply just stunning. This is absolutely an excellent and beautiful cockpit that is fully operational and with 99% working systems, buttons, switches and levers.

    There are several animations included like the controls, the various extra levers, the needles in the gauges, the toggle switches, push buttons, canopy, etc. All animations are created with a realistic touch and feature nice smooth motions.

    Another animation is the panel itself - the panel shake upon startup of the engine which is awesome and very realistic, but also the shake when taxiing over a rough surface or performing stalls. This animation again just adds to the experience and realism of flying this awesome aircraft.

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military     A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    The add-on also features droppable objects like the various bombs which can be activated directly in the cockpit - dropping a bomb will also affect the weight of the aircraft and thereby the flight dynamics which I will take a closer look at later in this review.

    There are also a few effect in the cockpit environment such as the lighting as well as the visible smoke from the engine upon startup. The effects are good and contribute positively to the experience.

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military


    The sound set for this aircraft is an advanced and high quality sound set featuring both a complete engine sound package as well as a comprehensive environmental sound package.

    The engine sound is awesome and features all aspects from startup to shutdown and all various rpm settings within. Actually you can also hear what sounds like the engine going from max power (100%) over to WEP power, which is the extra boost the engine can get to deliver additional thrust for a short period of time. The engine sound when starting up and running at idle is really authentic and makes you dream that you were actually placed inside the cockpit and ready for flight; then throttling up the sound gets louder and louder with more depth and base which really is very exciting and gave me the goose bumps on my back when using my 7.1 surround sound setup.

    In regards to the environmental sound set then this sound set features all sounds created by moving the various levers, clicking the various buttons and switches, etc. but also the wind outside which is very clear when the engine is at idle or even off when performing an emergency landing. The wind is also very intense when stalling the aircraft which absolutely provides a more life-like sensation of an aircraft stalling and going into a spin.

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military     A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    The environmental sound set is also high quality, very realistic and certainly a great addition to the authentic atmosphere you experience inside this amazing cockpit.

    I tested the sound set in both ordinary stereo with front speakers, also using a 2.1 setup featuring front speakers and an active subwoofer and finally a complete 7.1 surround sound setup. The sound performed perfectly in all tests and the sound varies nicely when walking around the aircraft as well as when jumping inside which is superb.

    1. Paughco's Avatar
      Paughco -
      Thank you for the review. I agree with it. I have several A2A aircraft; my warbirds are the P-40 and the Civilian P-51. In motorcycling terms, the P-40 is like a 1950 Harley Panhead, and the Civ Mustang is like maybe a BMW K-bike. They are great airplanes.

      You should try the T-6 next!

    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      Thanks, Ray for the great review.
      Although I'm not using FSX or the newer sims, it's great to read a good review of a great plane.

    1. ianhr's Avatar
      ianhr -
      An appropriately enthusiastic review for an amazing aircraft. One note on ground handling, from the manual:

      "Taxi with stick slightly aft of neutral. This will lock the tail wheel. In the locked position the tail wheel may be turned 6º to the right or left by use of the rudder pedals. For sharp turns, push stick forward of the neutral position to allow the tail wheel full swiveling action. Use brakes as little as possible."
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