• Review: Accu-Sim P-51D Military

    After the installation was completed I opened up P3Dv4 and went into the virtual hangar where I found the P-51D perfectly placed featuring one version with three liveries - the three liveries are the 'Blondie', the 'FF-064' and the 'Kwitcherbitchin'.

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military     A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    Together with the aircraft add-on there is also installed two manuals - one is the Pilot's Manual featuring 77 pages and the other is the Accu-Sim Manual featuring 99 pages. Both manuals are created as PDF files and can be viewed/opened using Adobe PDF viewer.

    Both manuals contain a lot of specific information where e.g. the Pilot's Manual primarily focuses on the variants included, the overall systems, the specifications and in general how to fly the aircraft according to real data. The Accu-Sim manual instead focuses more on the in-depth and detailed explanations of the engine and the systems how they work etc.

    To get started I would certainly recommend taking a look at the Pilot's Manual, but the Accu-Sim Manual is also a great read if you are interested in more in-depth knowledge of the P-51D.

    The manuals can be accessed through either the Windows Start-Menu or on this location:

    C:\USers\'Your User Name\Documents\Prepar3Dv4 Add-Ons\A2A

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military     A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    On the same destination you can also find a file named 'Tools' where the Input Configurator is placed. This tool can be used to assign functions to a joystick, throttle or similar if you do not wish to use the standard P3D assigning tool.


    Taking a look at the model was a very nice experience for sure. The model is beautiful and certainly it is a high quality model, featuring an abundance of unique detailing like the wing-shape, the belly-air-inlet and the rather small vertical stabilizer. Everything is created beautifully and according to real life imagery that I found on the internet. The resemblance of the model and the real life images was spot on and the model absolutely features the same high quality that I have also found in several other A2A Simulation aircraft.

    The textures are high quality, multi-layer textures that provide the model with a very realistic and authentic look. The aircraft looks old and used as expected with a certain degree of wear and tear, but at the same time it also looks freshly polished and shiny.

    The detailing is superb and even the metal plates and the rivets used for mounting the metal plates are nicely created and integrated into the model providing a very realistic look. You also find a numerous number of markings and writing all over the fuselage and wings which definitely add greatly to the experience and the authenticity of this old classic bird.

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military     A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    Various animations are of course also added to the model like the control surfaces (elevator, ailerons and rudder) but also the flaps up/down, the canopy open/close, the gear and gear suspension up/down, the rotation of the wheels, the tail wheel up/down, etc. are also created beautifully. The motion is smooth and realistic and keeps the same high standard as the model.

    Included are also some effects like the propeller, the lights and the engine smoke upon startup. The propeller effect is very realistic and it does change a bit according to various rpm setting which is really super. The smoke upon startup features first a small burst of dense black smoke followed up by white and less dense smoke which is then blown away by the propeller. Hereafter you only see smoke if you set the values of the engine incorrectly e.g. causing the engine to perform badly with a wrong mixture setting. Actually another effect when starting up the engine is the shake-effect which is absolutely perfect and authentic both viewed from outside and inside the cockpit.

    The lights are excellent and feature a clear and bright shine which also seems very authentic.

    You can also customize the load-out of the aircraft simultaneously with viewing the aircraft by selecting the 'Shift+Number keys'. This will open up a variety of unique windows and one of these are the Payload and Fuel Manager 'Shift+4' - here you can select either various bombs on the inner pylons or fuel tanks, you can also select bombs on the outer pylons as well as to load ammunition for the guns. When you change the load-out you will immediately see the change on the model and also see the weight difference between the various load-outs - awesome!

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military     A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    If you click the 'Shift+7' key you will open up the maintenance hangar, well if certain criteria is fulfilled like being on the ground and with the engine off. The maintenance hangar is similar to the maintenance hangar of other A2A Simulations aircraft however the options for this one are limited to checking the engine and performing a complete overhaul - everything else is done through the Payload and Fuel Manager, such as changing the oil, the coolants and other fluids, oil-type, pilot's weight, etc.

    A2A Simulations - P51D Military

    1. Paughco's Avatar
      Paughco -
      Thank you for the review. I agree with it. I have several A2A aircraft; my warbirds are the P-40 and the Civilian P-51. In motorcycling terms, the P-40 is like a 1950 Harley Panhead, and the Civ Mustang is like maybe a BMW K-bike. They are great airplanes.

      You should try the T-6 next!

    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      Thanks, Ray for the great review.
      Although I'm not using FSX or the newer sims, it's great to read a good review of a great plane.

    1. ianhr's Avatar
      ianhr -
      An appropriately enthusiastic review for an amazing aircraft. One note on ground handling, from the manual:

      "Taxi with stick slightly aft of neutral. This will lock the tail wheel. In the locked position the tail wheel may be turned 6º to the right or left by use of the rudder pedals. For sharp turns, push stick forward of the neutral position to allow the tail wheel full swiveling action. Use brakes as little as possible."
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