• Plane Maker Tutorial Part 4

    So let's go military and add a bomb! First you need an attachment point, or pylon, so to make this we go into "standard"/"misc wings", and then go into the first tab and set as below.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    You now need "expert/visual texture regions" and go into misc' wings. Choose the first, and as before, find and stretch out your flashing red line into a box around the color that you want to use, and click the reset button to paint both sides.

    To add a bomb, go into "expert/default weapons" and click the bottom left "add" button. You should see a list of X-Plane default weapons, as below. Click on Mk-82.wpn and the "open weapon" button.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    When you exit back to the main screen, you should see your pylon below the centre with a bomb attached.

    To use it, go to 2D cockpit (we didn't do 3D) and rotate the arming switch to BOM.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    Now all you do is fly the aeroplane and use your joystick trigger or configured key to launch the weapon. However, do it too low and you may well find you get caught in the blast. The bomb initially travels forward at the ground speed of the aeroplane, so if you're too low, you won't have time to get clear, In that case, you'd need a parachute retarded weapon for that particular game (e.g. WB188 free fall nuke).

    Below shows the bomb shortly after release.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    During the flight, we also had the bendy wings phenomena so we need to stiffen the wing spars, but don't worry, this is simple! Go into "standard/wings" choose the right hand wing flex tab and set the wing flex damping to 4.

    A little side note: On my first ever flight in a jetliner (a 707 to Tenerife over a dormant volcano), I remember how unnerving it was to see the wings flex up and down during turbulence. To make things worse...the engines were dancing up and down causing the spar to twist, but it never fell apart. It's amazing the tolerances they are built to withstand.

    In crash mode, for some reason, this particular build is unbreakable (at least on my machine) it just performs crazy gymnastics over the ground (maybe that's the contra rotating engines). Maybe yours doesn't do this, but just go into Flight mode and choose a new runway start.

    Oh BTW, go into developer mode and choose regenerate icons. This will give you an image in X-Plane to use.

    So that's it folks. Yes, the outcome is a bit rough but the point was to demonstrate a variety of build principles. I hope you enjoyed this little Plane Maker series as much as I did writing it, and if you think you are ready for more, then there is a variety of more advanced stuff for X-Plane builds on YouTube. However, make sure you have mastered the basics described here before you commit to days on end creating a higher standard build in Blender or SketchUp.

    As this series has been rather popular (thank you) I will follow up with some "beyond Plane Maker" thoughts so as to break the ice on things you cannot apparently do, such as undercarriage doors.

    See you soon.

    Ray Hill
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