• Plane Maker Tutorial Part 4

    So now mouse click and move your square to the left of the lower fuselage section. But be careful, make sure that the black square does not extend into the red below or you will get a red and black prop. There are two props each with front and back sides so four actions are required.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    Your visual prop should now look like this:

    Plane Maker tutorial

    The next tab is for wings; make sure the button for wing one is on, then on the lower green square to the right adjust the red box with diagonals as shown below (to prevent red overspill). Then click "reset bottom/left to same as top/right" button.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    Now select the wing 2 button and repeat the above (wing 2 was configured for the winglets). Again select the large grey reset button above.

    Click the right H stab button and repeat the above process for the box to the middle right.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    We have two vertical stabilizers/fins so that's four sides, but since we are not putting any writing on the fins we can get away with just using one (little shortcut). You will need to work this through on both the top and button wings by just using the image with the grey stripe. Then repeat this for the second fin (Vstab 2).

    Plane Maker tutorial

    That's all the flying surfaces done, so hopefully it looks like this:

    Plane Maker tutorial

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