• Plane Maker Tutorial Part 4

    My flight model was saved into tutorial.acf; if you look in the appropriate folder you will see these files. The backup copy of the *.acf is in *.acf(squiggle), the pref.txt is created when we first fly. We may ignore the paint2.png (because I am demonstrating shortcuts) but we do need to work on the main tutorial_paint.png. The name of this file must be preserved because X-Plane will layer it onto your flight model after it loads the *.acf file.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    So opening up tutorial.acf in my preferred painting app gives me something like this: fuselage sides, flying surfaces and a default background color of red, which is a real pain, as I will explain later.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    You may also go back into Plane Maker and use "special/reload textures" to see what that default layout will deliver, as shown below.

    Plane Maker tutorial

    I will paint everything in a light olive color, so using the fill option on the paint program it will look like this (I will also put a grey stripe down the fuselage and to the top of the fins).

    Plane Maker tutorial

    Now I said I would use shortcuts, so I have only put the line on one side of the fuselage and on one fin section. This is perfectly OK if both sides of the fuselage are identical. Once you start to use text (e.g. for registration numbers) then you need to work on both fuselage sides because the text has to be reversed. It then becomes quite difficult to preserve precise symmetry over both sides. Sorry that's how it is and it isn't just Plane Maker that works this way either.

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