• Aerosoft Announces Connected Flight Deck Open Beta

    Aerosoft - Connected Flight Deck

    We are very excited to introduce you to the Open Beta version of the Connected Flight Deck feature on our A318/A319 & A320/321 products. This Open Beta is important so that we can gather necessary data with big enough user base to test the server stability as we are working towards the final release version of the Connected Flight Deck.

    However, we would like to remind you that this is still highly Open Beta product and there is still some issues that you might encounter while trying the Connected Flight Deck out. We are actively working to get these issues sorted as soon as possible and will introduce all the latest updates with the normal update schedule as they are worked on. To have some idea what to expect with the Connected Flight Deck we have gathered a list of the issues that we already know and possible workarounds for them. Please read this list first before your first flight and keep it in mind before reporting any issues. Of course, if you find an issue that you know is Connected Flight Deck related and it's not mentioned on the list yet, we would highly appreciate if you let us know about it so that we can have a proper look into it.

    What is Connected Flight Deck?

    Connected Flight Deck (also known as CFD) allows you to fly your aircraft as part of a crew. You can have the role of the Captain, the First Officer or Observer.

    Flying an airliner on your own is silly, unrealistic and illegal. No pilot would even dream about it. Flying a big aircraft is a team effort and the crew coordination is a very important part of piloting. Just like many pilots took the step to fly online with real ATC, it's now time for the next step and fly as a crew. Of course, it is also much more fun.

    The Captain sets up the flight, the First Officer (and/or Observers) connect to the same session and you are done. That¡¯s ALL done inside the simulator.


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