• Freeware Focus: Ford Tri-Motor Project

    Our beloved Douglas DC-3 is also included, with a wide selection of liveries to choose from...

    Ford Tri-Motor Project

    Including one just for us FlightSim.Com simmers...

    Ford Tri-Motor Project

    You will also find liveries for Milton Shupe's de Havilland DH-80, his Fleet 50K as well as about 200 liveries for the Lockheed Vega. These include 61 for different parts of the world, 100 fictional repaints for the USA, plus an additional 32 fun/fictional liveries.

    Ford Tri-Motor Project     Ford Tri-Motor Project

    The Curtiss Jenny has a great selection of liveries, anything from bush flying, to US Army Air Service, with damaged textures.

    Ford Tri-Motor Project

    The Classic Wings Flaming has its own collection, as has the Vimy, de Havilland Rapide (wheels and float), plus a few other period aircraft.

    Ford Tri-Motor Project

    As well as all the incredible collection of liveries, the add-on scenery created by Garry is also just as exciting.

    For example; did you know that there was an actual town called 'Fordlandia'?

    Fordlandia is a now-abandoned, prefabricated industrial town established in the Amazon rain forest in 1928 by American industrialist Henry Ford to secure a source of cultivated rubber for the automobile manufacturing operations of the Ford Motor Company in the United States. Ford had negotiated a deal with the Brazilian government granting his newly formed Companhia Industrial do Brasil a concession of 10,000 km2 of land on the banks of the Rio Tapajos near the city of Santarem, Brazil, in exchange for a 9% interest in the profits generated.

    The project was ultimately a total failure. Despite repeated invitations from residents and periodic promises to do so, Henry Ford never actually visited his ill-fated jungle city.

    Ford Tri-Motor Project     Ford Tri-Motor Project

    Other sceneries range from Orca Island (modified to have special Ford scenery and AI), to India, which has ten airfields, including Bangkok, Siam, Rangoon...

    Ford Tri-Motor Project
    India Project

    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      Interesting article. Far too many simmers are obsessed with things like wingflex, autoland, tweaking config files, etc. Freeing yourself from this and simply flying can improve immersion whatever sim you use. However I think that FS9 does represent a sweet spot in the development of the MSFS series so it’s a good sim to settle on if you don’t need the latest and greatest addons. And of course there is some excellent and well developed freeware to use with it.
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Great article Robin!

      Really enjoyed reading through this one. What a wealth of enjoyment there is to be had :-)

      Many thanks.

    1. 31448's Avatar
      31448 -
      I have almost all of Garry's scenery installed and love them. As a super fan to the Ford Garry really put the FUN back into simming for me.
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