• Rolling Cumulus - Bolivia-10 Grass Airfields

    Rolling Cumulus - Bolivia-10 Grass Airfields and Others

    South American aviation goes back to the very early years of the 20th Century. Bolivia shines as probably the most air transportation minded country overall. With over 200 airfields of all kinds, aviation is going forward and is well. It is a large country, with some of the Andes mountains bellowing above the clouds. Its capital's airport in La Paz, El Alto, is laid in a plain at an altitude of 4061 meters above sea level. Then there is the huge jungle as well as valleys that extend in all directions. Pilots flying here are a special breed who dare all kinds of weather both in winter and summer. You will be flying to this country that will amaze you.

    Rolling Cumulus - Bolivia-10 Grass Airfields and Others

    Fly To:

    • PADILLA (SLPL)--There is moderately high terrain off the ends of both runways.
    • PISO FIRME AIRFIELD (SLPF)--A public use airport within the Paragua River village of Piso Firme in the Santa Cruz Department of Bolivia. The runway parallels the river.
    • SANANDITA AIRFIELD (SLSN)--Gran Chaco, Tarija, Bolivia-short grass field, dangerous.
    • SANTA ROSA DEL SARA (SLSK)--Short airfields with only 690m length.
    • COVENDO AIRPORT (SLVD)--Along a small lake that many tourist flock to.
    • SANTA TERESA AIRFIELD (SLSE)--A grass/dirt airfield very near the border of Brazil.
    • SIPUATI AIRFIELD (SLSP)-- A once prominent cattle country airfield, practically abandoned now.
    • CAIGUA AIRFIELD (SLCI)--Serving the gas pipeline construction in the Cordillera Central, 32 km (20 mi) west of Villamontes in the Tarija Department.
    • TAQUIPIRENDA AIRFIELD (SLTA)--A public-use airstrip serving the Taquipirendagas pipeline facility in the Santa Cruz Department.
    • EL RANCHO AIRFIELD (SLEH)--An airstrip in the pampa of the Beni Department. The runway is near a bend of the Mamoré River.

    Rolling Cumulus - Bolivia-10 Grass Airfields and Others


    • RCS "photolook" scenery
    • New structures at all airfields
    • Suggested takeoff routes to the indicated airfields, pilot's choice
    • Follow airplane compass to destination for real routes
    • Use any aircraft in your hangar
    • Airfields never seen in the simulators
    • Complete documentation

    Rolling Cumulus - Bolivia-10 Grass Airfields and Others

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