• Review: Carenado C172SP Skyhawk X-Plane 11

    Interior Model

    Moving into the interior of Carenado's C172SP elicited another "wow" from me as I surveyed the masterfully recreated cockpit an instrument panel. No other general aviation development team in the industry can consistently make the interior of aircraft look this good, and this realistic.

    Carenado - C172SP Skyhawk     Carenado - C172SP Skyhawk

    I will not insult the intelligence of our readers by listing the amount of detail and texture quality of every nook and cranny of the model. I have read these types of reviews too many times and have been guilty of writing a few of these myself over the years. You can see the screen shots and see for yourselves that the modeling and texturing here is almost perfectly executed. You don't need me to bore you by tediously explaining how good it looks. The bottom line is that the interior model holds up extremely well to scrutiny and the light amounts of wear leads plausibility that this is representation of a fairly new aircraft and not a tired old relic of the 70's or 80's.

    Areas that would be glossy on the real aircraft (like the yokes) look glossy on the model. Areas that would be more matte in texture (like the leather seats or plastic molding) look convincingly matte in the model. It has been my experience that few developers are able to achieve this level of realism. The contrary is far too often the case with all interior textures having that fake "clay-like" appearance as though everything in the airplane were constructed of the same material.

    Carenado - C172SP Skyhawk     Carenado - C172SP Skyhawk

    All of the writing within the aircraft, whether on placards or printed on the instrument panel, are razor sharp and legible, even when zoomed away from them. Night lighting is superb, as always, and the reflective glow of the G1000 screens is even visible on the backsides of the yokes.

    One of my favorite touches of detail within the cockpit is seen on the reflections of the Rosen sunvisors, which convincingly move as you angle them.

    The amount of quality modeling and texturing work that has gone into this aircraft further convinces me of Carenado's position near the "top of the heap" in the flight simulation industry with regards to visual fidelity. The interior of their Cessna 172SP is simply picture perfect.

    User Interface

    I have already briefly mentioned the tabbed menus featured within every current Carenado and Alabeo aircraft, but I thought it would be helpful to explain how they operate within the context of this particular aircraft.

    Carenado - C172SP Skyhawk     Carenado - C172SP Skyhawk

    The "C" or "Camera/Volume" tabbed menu expands when clicked on and enables rapid selection of interior and exterior camera angles as well as aircraft specific volume control. I found the G1000 PFD and G1000 MFD camera angles to be particularly helpful when it comes to utilizing the complex avionics of the G1000 system.

    The "O" or "Options" tabbed menu expands when clicked on and enables the rapid on/off toggling of frame-rate-saving window and instrument reflections that customers with lower speed systems will appreciate. The ability to quickly open and close doors, add and remove wheel fairings, and change liveries "on the fly" are particularly helpful features found on Carenado aircraft, the C172SP notwithstanding.

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      DominicS -
      Many thanks for the in-depth review Shawn; it really does look like a fantastic example of the Cessna 172.


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