• Otavio Bonomi Developer Interview


    How do you choose your next new scenery?

    The first is by research. If an airport or heliport hasn't been created, and it looks like it might be a popular destination, I'll have a look at it. The second is by friends and also forums informing me of something which might be of interest. They are always ready to point me in a new direction!


    Otavio, what simulators do you design for now and which ones do you plan to develop for in the future?

    I develop for all three major platforms: FSX, P3D and X-Plane; which I started just a year ago. Even though I love FSX, I can see myself developing more for X-Plane, due to the fact that it's popularity is increasing, not decreasing.

    In what ways do you see development changing in the future?

    With the rate at which technology is progressing, it's hard to see what direction it will take us. One thing I do know however, and that is, it will be increasingly more realistic!


    Your Thoughts

    What can sites like FlightSim.Com do to support you and the hobby better?

    I've always been a fan of FlightSim.Com, and have always found everything I was looking for, so don't change anything! As a developer; knowing that my material will be available for the wider community to download is an honor and dream come true! Simply sharing my work with others, is the best reward of all.


    Lastly Otavio, what would you like people to know about you and your work?

    To know that my projects are based around a lot of dedication, hard work, research and many hours without sleep. I could choose to spend this time with my loving family, but because I also love to share, I'm happy to dedicate part of my life to this amazing hobby!

    From the team at FlightSim.Com, many thanks Otavio!

    Flightsim Videos:

    Skydiving Videos:

    Tandem jump filmed by Otavio

    Helicopter jump filmed by Otavio

    Video in which Otavio actually appears

    1. otaviodoido's Avatar
      otaviodoido -
      I would like to thank the entire FlightSim.com team especially to Dominic and others who have given me this precious opportunity to show a little of my work and myself.

      Otavio Bonomi.
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      An absolute pleasure Otavio!

      It's people like yourself who make this hobby what it is.

      Your skill and generosity is to be applauded.


    1. otaviodoido's Avatar
      otaviodoido -
      Hi Dom,
      Very cool, thank you again.
      To you and to Nels Anderson who was the first person I spoke to on the forum and encouraged me to post my scenarios for the very first time here on FlightSim.com, which by the way is the best and most complete aerial simulation site available. Big Fan!
      Thanks again.

      If someone wants to know my work in their entirety, can also visit my site where I expose all my material, totally freeware, it will be a pleasure to have your visit, opinion or your like.


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