• Otavio Bonomi Developer Interview

    The Team

    Do you work alone, or do you have people help you with your sceneries?

    There is no team, just me. However, my friends are always ready to help when a problem arises. Many of my sceneries also use objects and libraries from other developers (with permission of course), and these are always credited.


    Real Life

    Otavio, do you have any experience in real aviation?

    Since 1993 I have been practicing civil sports parachuting, and have been an instructor for more than 20 years. I have also been a 1/4 partner of a Cessna 180 (1999/203).

    Could you tell us how your interest in aviation began?

    I think it was with hot air balloons, as I was part of the rescue team at 15. A year later, I started jumping from airplanes, and the passion only increased!


    Do you have any memorable flights in real life that you'd like to share with us?

    I have quite a few, but to keep things short, I'll just mention the two best ones!

    Number one, was attempting a record (which we gained), by jumping from a C130 at 22,000 feet! This was at Florianopolis 2005, and I was one of the event's camera fliers. I managed to capture some incredible images, and is something I will always remember!


    Number two was at the World Air games 2001 (held in Spain) and I was part of the Brazilian team. Again, a truly memorable event, and something I am very proud of.

    Would you like to share what you do in real life?

    I am a partner with my wife at an English School, and a physical education (PE) teacher by profession.


    Otavio, what other hobbies or things do you do for enjoyment?

    I am a senior instructor at VATSIM, and when I'm not creating my sceneries; I'm flying in the virtual world! Being Brazilian, and living by the coast, I also enjoy taking my children to the beach - two pleasures in one!

    1. otaviodoido's Avatar
      otaviodoido -
      I would like to thank the entire FlightSim.com team especially to Dominic and others who have given me this precious opportunity to show a little of my work and myself.

      Otavio Bonomi.
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      An absolute pleasure Otavio!

      It's people like yourself who make this hobby what it is.

      Your skill and generosity is to be applauded.


    1. otaviodoido's Avatar
      otaviodoido -
      Hi Dom,
      Very cool, thank you again.
      To you and to Nels Anderson who was the first person I spoke to on the forum and encouraged me to post my scenarios for the very first time here on FlightSim.com, which by the way is the best and most complete aerial simulation site available. Big Fan!
      Thanks again.

      If someone wants to know my work in their entirety, can also visit my site where I expose all my material, totally freeware, it will be a pleasure to have your visit, opinion or your like.


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