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    Briefing - Remember that trip you planned in the Flight Plan tab? Well here you can receive a weather briefing based on your Flight Plan as entered.

    HiFi - ASXP

    Search - Are you looking for some thunderstorms to chase with hurricane hunter aircraft? Here you can search the database of weather stations for the specific kind of flight conditions you wish to experience.

    HiFi - ASXP


    I must say that my experience using Active Sky XP; discovering all the features available to tailor the weather experience in the simulator, was exciting! As I got acquainted with the program, it became apparent to me that twenty years of developing, refining, streamlining and adding features to the program, really shone through. The practical application of this program occurred to me as well, in terms of enhancing the experience when utilizing the simulator for real-world training.

    Now the question of "Should I buy this software enhancement for X-Plane, is it worth it?"

    I would say it's worth it - it's a highly polished product, providing enhanced weather engine features above and beyond what is available in the default X-Plane weather controls.

    If you are satisfied with the default weather engine, that's OK too (not everyone enjoys flying through inclement weather and would rather stay in the sunshine with calm winds). You'll miss out though, on the dynamic weather experience provided by Active Sky XP.

    HiFi - Active Sky XP

    Thanks for reading.

    Sean McLeod
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    Features Spotlight

    Active Air Effects

    Replaces internal X-Plane turbulence and air effects, providing enhanced turbulence, drafts, thermals, terrain-based wind effects, surface friction, gusts, variability, wake turbulence, microbursts and more.

    High-Performance Weather Depiction

    Uses internal X-Plane 11.2x/11.3x cloud depiction for maximum performance and smoothness, with multiple weather depiction modes including theme cell "real weather" mode and global static mode - VR compatible and optimized!

    Active Sky Weather Engine

    An evolved version of the Active Sky platform brings the core features that made Active Sky the leading weather engine for other platforms: Advanced weather synthesis and interpolation, high-resolution global winds aloft, realistic air and atmosphere effects, a comprehensive weather data network, integrated visual mapping and planning, and much, much more.

    Voice Weather Delivery

    Active Sky ATIS and Flightwatch are available at any time by listening on 122.00, 122.02 or 122.03 for closest station, actual/current interpolated conditions and destination weather reports, respectively.

    Surface Crosswind Attenuation

    Optional, for better ground handling in crosswind conditions while preserving headwind/tailwind component for performance accuracy.

    Mobile Companion App

    Use any device/browser to connect with Active Sky over your network and view and control the weather.


    Not a complete visual cloud rendering replacement. We have put our previous X-Plane visual cloud rendering replacement efforts on hold (until next year) due to performance considerations and changing API environment/tools that are not yet finalized.

    We expect our visual cloud rendering replacement technology to debut in Q4 2019, subject to change based on many factors.

    ASXP features high-performance cloud depiction with a focus on conditions accuracy, utilizing the X-Plane internal cloud rendering via a hybrid API approach, with two different modes available.

    ASXP also features an optional high-performance photo-realistic cloud texture replacement with a simple texture installation wizard.

    Windows 64-Bit (v7 or later) Only

    • Mac, Linux and 32-bit X-Plane/Windows versions are not supported
    • In a networked environment, the ASXP application/client may run on Windows 32-bit (7 or later), but X-Plane must be 64-bit on Windows 64-bit (7 or later)
    • We hope to bring additional OS/platform support in the future
    • X-Plane version 11.26 or later (64-bit for Windows) is required


    • X-Plane v11.26 or later, 64-bit Windows Version (Mac and 32-bit Windows versions are not compatible)
    • Windows 7 or later, 64-bit Version
    • Active and stable internet connection (broadband recommended)*
    • 500 MB available hard drive space
    • 1 GHz+ CPU
    • 2 GB+ RAM
    • OpenGL 3.3 graphics device (nVidia GTX500 or or equivalent, or better)
    • 1024x768 minimum available screen resolution to display all user interface features

    *Certain countries may not have access to our USA server network due to governmental policy restrictions and/or internet network route blocking. These countries include at this time, but are not limited to: Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Sudan. If you can access the hifisimtech.com web site, you will also be able to access our servers. Use of this product is not authorized in any country subject to relevant embargo, sanction, restriction or prohibition applicable within the USA.

    Sean McLeod
    Purchase HiFi Technologies - Active Sky XP

    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      My first purchase for XP11 and enjoying it very much.

    1. bstikkel's Avatar
      bstikkel -
      Quote Originally Posted by W33 View Post
      My first purchase for XP11 and enjoying it very much.

      Yes, I use it in P3Dv4 and FSX and also in those flightsims it is amazing good!
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