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    FS2004 Warbirds

    FS2004/FSX Gloster Gladiator
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    Name: gloster_gladiator-1.zip

    FS2004/FSX Gloster Gladiator. The Gloster Gladiator was a British-built biplane fighter; its last such fighter. It was used by the Royal Air Force. First flown in 1934 it was rendered obsolete by newer monoplane designs even as it was being introduced to the RAF in 1937 with its new enclosed cockpit and four guns. Two models are included here, the Mk1 and the Mk2, the main difference between them being the use of a three blade prop on the Mk2. Modelled by Dave Molyneaux.

    FS2004 Martin B-26B/C Marauder
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    Name: b26msfs9.zip

    FS2004 Martin B-26B/C Marauder. Package includes models B-26B/C and JM-x likeness, VC and custom panel, R-2800 sounds, custom FS9 Flight Model, and features exterior paints by "Mick" at Sim-outhouse. B26 by Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, Martial Feron, "Mick" at SOH, William Ellis, Pierre-Jean Carosin and Sounds by Nigel Richards. Original pilot figures by Jan Visser. Radios by Richard "Real_Old_Salt" Murray. Thanks to "Gaucho_59" for the OH trimwheel textures.

    FS2004 Vultee XP 54 v1.1
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    Name: xp54fs9_v1_1.zip

    FS2004 Vultee XP 54 v1.1 Version 1.1 fixes a number of minor issues. Includes three XP54 models, 12 liveries, custom panels and flight models. Be sure to read the XP-54_Aircraft_Index that explains differences in the models and their performance. Flight Simulator aircraft package by Milton Shupe, military panel and VC textures by Nigel Richards, gauges by Scott Thomas, exterior paint map and textures by Mike Kelley and prototype flight models by Shupe/Falley and racing FM versions by James Banks. (See also VULTEE_XP-54_RACER_FIXES_FSX_FS9.ZIP)

    FS2004 Misc.

    FS2004 Custom Interface Pack
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    Name: fs2004interface.zip

    FS2004 Custom Interface Pack. Custom interfaces to give your FS2004 a new look. 47 total variations. 44 airline/aviation related along with interfaces for NHL Pittsburgh Penguins, NFL Pittsburgh Steelers and Elvis Presley. By Mark Daniels.

    FS2004 Scenery

    FS2004 Scenery--Bella Coola CYBD
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    Name: bella_coola.zip

    FS2004 Scenery--Bella Coola CYBD in British Columbia, Canada. Bella Coola is in one of the deep east-west fjords amid the Coastal Range on the coast of BC, approximately mid way between Vancouver and the Alaskan border, and some 70 miles inland from the open ocean. The town of Bella Coola has a small population of around 150, while the population of the whole Bella Coola Valley is around 2,000. Warmer in both summer and winter than the surrounding area, tourism flourishes along with forestry, fishing, and local government administration. Although there is road access, the ferry service is the main connection to larger coastal towns or cities such as Vancouver. The airport, 7 miles east of the town, is connected by daily Pacific Coastal flights to Vancouver and Anahim Lake (to the east). The asphalt runway is 4,200 feet long and aligned 04-22 in FS9 (by 2010 this had changed to 05-23 in reality) and is without lighting of any sort, so it is restricted to daylight hours only. At the eastern end is the terminal building and in the middle the West Coast Helicopter hangar, which has a large fenced paddock-like enclosure in front of it. The helicopters hop over the three feet high fence as they "taxi" to the apron in front of the hanger. Between the two there are four other company hangars spread out along the roadway beside the fence. The screen shots and the video show the main and overwhelming feature of Bella Coola, the large valley amid the steep mountains. This terrain has an inevitable effect on the ai, in that you will never see a plane land as it hits solid rock before it makes it to the runway. You will, however, see them take off. Pacific Coastal currently flies Beechcraft 1900's to Bella Coola; I have used the Saab 340 which I have seen there some years ago and which I prefer. By Roger Wensley.

    FS2004 Transload Scenery Pack
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    Name: transload-scenery-pack.zip

    FS2004 Transload Scenery Pack. Transload International Airport Scenery (YTLI) Version 1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. The scenery consists of an International Airport Terminal, a Domestic Airport Terminal, a Military Base, a Space Station facility and Shuttle launch Platform, Stone Air Research and Test Facilities, and Bush and Sea base facilities. Four types of runways: Main Runway - Domestic Runway - Grass Runway and Water runway. Full harbour and facilities exist in the nearby bay area. An extremely detailed scenery including freeways, plethora of buildings, Freeway and other signs. Over 130 parking spaced for all types of aircraft including sea/water parking. Some added features include: Erupting Volcano, several electrical storms some distance from the airfield, fireworks and other animations. Additionally this file will install comprehensive terrain meshing for the entire Tasmanian Region as well as the latest Landclass files. Finally, over 30 other Tasmanian airfields are included in this scenery pack. By Garry J. Smith.

    FS2004 Scenery--Transload Military Base - YTMD - Camp Thatcher
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    Name: transload-military-base.zip

    FS2004 Scenery--Transload Military Base - YTMD - Camp Thatcher. The Military Base is at the northernmost tip of Flinders Island - just off Tasmania. It has two major runways with lots of parking for military aircraft of all sizes. The scenery has some fun challenges such as a valley leading into Runway 19 and a high bridge off the other end. Camp Thatcher supports comprehensive AI traffic with over 70 aircraft parked throughout; a majority of them are parked inside of hangars and come out for their sortie twice a day. On an Island just offshore is a small, tight pylon racing track - and just off the end of Runway 19 is a set of very large pylons for racing at high speed. This scenery package contains some of the AI aircraft, however, the AI aircraft from the Transload Carriers pack is also used (and required), if you wish ALL the AI aircraft to show up. The entire scenery set consists of six separate packages, available here at FlightSim.Com (search using the keyword transload). Developed by Garry J. Smith.

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    1. Tokolosh's Avatar
      Tokolosh -
      Good idea to have this special section for best of FS2004. Thank you! May I suggest you also have a look at the offerings at Historic Jetliners Group (HJG). This year they re-released the SGA DC-10 Series which has been significantly reworked. There is a new version of the Dassault Mercure, and let's not forget the Boeing 737 Classics (SGA/Erick Cantu) hosted and refined by them (and soon to come a brand new 737-200 by Erick Cantu!).
    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      You what's interesting, its that folks are still using this sim and that it is still supported by some dedicated folks. For sure it was a great product in its day.

      I still have FSX on my computer, but that will not last much longer. Its just clutter now as I never use it having moved on to P3DV4 and XP11+.
    1. kehovo's Avatar
      kehovo -
      Bella Coola CYBD is not complete, requires Ultimate Terrain Payware for accuracy, and completion. All of
      Roger Wensley addons require it.
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      It is always difficult to compile a 'Best of …' listing.

      There are amazing add-ons from other libraries, and this Freeware selection is to support all those developers that support Flightsim.

      FS2004 is still a great product that just works on most computers & laptops, & is still being supported by some great developers.
    1. alanmerry's Avatar
      alanmerry -
      Many thanks to all freeware developers, from those of us who have downloaded vast numbers of freeware scenery, aircraft etc. to make FS2004 much, much more than Microsoft ever envisaged.
    1. cgsimpson's Avatar
      cgsimpson -
      Well done a great selection and a few that I missed.
      Thanks to all involved in the Flight Sim freeware World
    1. gt401964's Avatar
      gt401964 -
      Thank you for Including my Ultimate Seneca. I put a lot of work into that.
      Rgds Glenn.
    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
      I started to read this and got interrupted. Five hours later now, and I continued and reached the last page to find the surprise of Bella Coola. Thanks for the kind thought. I must contribute a comment here about another FS9 scenery guy, Greg Putz, who puts far more time and effort into each of his airports than I do, and gets a great result. He is nuts of course, and I gather his wife told him that already. Also, I would like to point out to Kehovo that in fact both FS9 and FSX are incomplete as flight simulators, as without Ultimate Terrain there is no resemblance between the real world shape of that lake down there as shown on the paper chart and what FS9 and FSX show.
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      Roger, I would have liked to include ALL your scenery, but space was limited. I do have a separate FS2004 Alaska install, with UT Alaska, Misty, Glacier Bay, Emma Fields, Tongass, as well as some of your excellent airfields (not all, I'm getting there!) Thanks for the Greg Putz tipoff. Much appreciated
    1. ggl's Avatar
      ggl -
      Hi all, Many thanks to FLIGHTSIM.COM team for taking our wishes (freeware + FS2004) into account. And many thanks to the freeware developers for their work and their generosity. I am definitely a proud and happy member of FLIGHTSIM.COM :-)
      Georges-Guy L.
    1. toftedal's Avatar
      toftedal -
      Yes indeed ... many thanks to all of the FS2004 freeware developers ... my many hours of flying would never have been as satisfying without your hard work and generosity ... both past and present. Keep up the good work!
    1. wbue's Avatar
      wbue -
      ...a great THANK YOU to all those, who still develop sceneries, aircrafts and so on for FS2004. I still use it and of course "my FS2004" is way beyond the original one. I enjoy every minute flying FS2004 with all the enhancements I have...
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      It is most heartening to see that FS2004 has so much support. To be honest, when Dominic suggested I do a Best of FS2004 freeware, I was expecting maybe a handful of comments & it is pleasantly surprising that we have 7339 views since 17 January, as compared to the 6228 views that Best of FSX, P3D & X-Plane has got since 8 January.
      It is really gratifying to know how much support FS2004 has out there, and that we are not the forgotten lost member of the expanding sim family.
      Dominic, a big thanks your support & encouragment !
    1. Roger Wensley's Avatar
      Roger Wensley -
      Guys, we have to be a bit honest about numbers, and downloads of my stuff have at least halved in the last 5 years. Maybe those of us that are still left in FS9 are the keenest ones, with the most time invested in it?
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      Quite correct, Roger, we just talking about views, not downloads. Yes, it is bittersweet, and you are quite correct with your keen comment.
    1. solomod's Avatar
      solomod -
      Many thanks to all the people that work hard supporting FS2004 with scenery, aircraft etc. I've been flying MS flight sim for years now - somewhere in the attic I have Paris scenery on a floppy disc - and I think FS2004 is the best.
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