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    Radar Contact

    Twenty-one years ago, two flight simulator enthusiasts had a common wish, to improve the ATC in FS. A programmer in Atlanta met an air traffic controller in Memphis and created a company called JDTLLC. We began working on Radar Contact which became the best FS ATC program available for many years. In 2001, after six years of work, Version 4.3 was released. Seventeen years later, after deep soul searching, we decided to give RC away for free, and step away from the business of supporting it.

    About Radar Contact

    Radar Contact is the most complete Air Traffic Control (ATC) add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Previous versions of Radar Contact (RC) were based on adventures, which provided a realistic ATC environment. With the introduction of FS2002, adventures were no longer a viable option for RC. Beginning January 2001, we rewrote RC in Visual Basic. Version 3 was released in November 2002. Later, we released Version 3.1 which supported FS2004, and started working on Version 4. We believe that Radar Contact Version 4 will take Air Traffic Control to the next level. By implementing current 7110.65 FAA Rules, with more in-depth implementation of real world procedures, and many of the ICAO rules, Radar Contact puts you in the left seat where you will fly under today's current ATC jurisdiction.

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    1. tiger1962's Avatar
      tiger1962 -
      Sincere thanks for this, I've been using RCv4 since 2005 (I think!) and wouldn't fly without it.
    1. Sascha66's Avatar
      Sascha66 -
      Oh what a wonderful New Year's surprise! Thank you so much!
    1. tgon's Avatar
      tgon -
      +1 RC4 since its inception
    1. sith's Avatar
      sith -
      The rcv4encrypt file has a virus... also it only installs for FSX only, is there a FS2004 version available?
    1. pilotposer's Avatar
      pilotposer -
      I had the same issue with a virus notification and no FS9 version.
    1. Trevor C's Avatar
      Trevor C -
      I can open the encrypt file to generate a key but how do you generate it?
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      Often installers give false virus warnings that is nothing new, however, with the likes of X-Plane 11, FSX-SE, P3Dv3/4.4, and AeroFly 2, I have to ask, FS9? Seriously? It's well into the 2010's, and almost 2020, and any real reason to stay with antiquated software has been done away with. So, it does not surprise me that this has no FS9 support you're talking about software released in 2003 and made obsolete in 2006, so I am glad that the developers are moving on and not supporting something that is deader then FSX. The time to upgrade is now. P3Dv3/4 is light years better. X-Plane 11 while not my cup of tea is actually better in it's default state than default FSX/P3Dv3.
    1. pilotposer's Avatar
      pilotposer -
      Thanks ryogahibiki345 for letting us know FS9 is an old program. I was just mentioning
      that this free program isn't working in FS9 as stated. Frankly I don't care if it works or not but was willing
      to try it for fun. FS9 is fun for me and chasing technology is not.
      Happy ancient flying to all.
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      Then why are you using a computer and not an abacus? Why are you flying FS9 and not FS5.1 or subLogic Flight Simulator on data cassette tape? When you drive are you using a steam powered horseless carriage? It's not about chasing technology and that was my point. FSX is over 10 years old. So it's not about technology it's about stubbornly clinging onto something and refusing to change but, hey it did wonders for Kodak right?
    1. zswobbie1's Avatar
      zswobbie1 -
      Paul, you joined this forum in 2010 & have posted 6 times in total.
      Really, you should know better than knocking FS2004.
      Yes, we have kept supporting FS2004 for all of the 16 years that it's been around. We have supported the amazing freeware (& payware developers) out there who support us.
      FS2004 just works. We spend more time flying than tweaking & we do not have to keep buying & upgrading our PC's to suit the software. It should not work that way.

      YES, it IS chasing technology to suit the software!

      FS2004 also gives us add-ons that no other sims give us. We have ramps, oval runways, freeware scenery & mesh (for us here in South Africa, & I'm sure elsewhere as well) that is equal to payware, IF it is available.

      Not forgetting, we have a huge selection of aircraft not available for any other sim.. X-Plane, P3D's, Aerofly etc. (We have the collects from Milton, Bill Lyons, the late Garry Smith, the list goes on..
      Garry always said that simming is all about Fun, Fact & Fiction.. Oh yes, we have Garry's Ford Tri-Motor Project scenery & planes as well.

      Anyhow.. maybe stick to your high end PC's & sims, & leave us FS9'ers alone. Simming is NOT a contest or criticism of who has what, & what is better.

      We are quite happy with what we have, Thank you!


      PS.... Whats next?
    1. pilotposer's Avatar
      pilotposer -
      Don't question my use of the latest technology, you don't know me, and you don't have a clue
      what technology I have embraced.
      I have chosen not to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade a perfectly working PC
      that is providing all I need to enjoy this fabulous hobby.
      Who cares what platform someone is using. It all comes down to all of us sitting in a room, on the ground, and enjoying the art of flying.
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      Ahh here we go. One: Technology ALWAYS marches forward you can not stop it. Two: My computer exists for a multitude of reasons not least of which is flying my simulator(s). Three: If you can not play the latest it's not a perfectly working PC it is merely adequate to your usage. Four: Do you still have the same car from when you were 20? I doubt that.
      The whole, "you don't know me" argument is as weak an excuse as there ever has been for defending oneself from spelling out the whys to which they do something. I spend ZERO time tweaking my computer to run P3Dv3.4, know why? Because I have a rig that will run it optimally and the best part is, all those FSX addons I have work almost flawlessly with it. Now, P3Dv4 is a different kettle of fish and I have not made that jump as of yet. Why? Because I can not afford to do so at this time but it will probably happen within the year. As for knowing what technology you have embraced or not is irrelevant to this conversation. As for the number of posts I have made, so what? What does that have to do with ANYTHING in this topic? That just means I have spent more time reading than posting, and the one time I do, I get back lash for stating my opinions. Mine are as valid as your own, and you don't have to like them but don't you DARE sit there and say they have no merit because you are too afraid to embrace the current standards. Your arguments about "tweaking" are also wrong and show that you have no idea about the current state of the platform of which you speak. All those tweaks out there are for those like yourself that stubbornly hold on to their "perfectly working computers" despite being x-years old. I build my own computers and I use it for more than just flight simming but guess what to keep doing what I want to do and make sure I can run the latest games and software, I update my machine every 4-5 years or so. Even that is well behind your so called, "chasing technology". Hell even my cell phone was a Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8.1 until just this past Christmas, and it was 6 years old. So, as you said, "You don't know me", I do not chase technology, but I do not run away from it either and hiss at everyone that tells me it's time to update.
    1. pilotposer's Avatar
      pilotposer -
      You win, I'm going simming.
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Incredible!!! some gives you something for free and "some entities" complain and behave like moths because others appreciate it....well there are many sick ones all over. Let's have pity of him. I will now fly may "1912 sim made of paper and glue, whether he likes it or not....Contact!
    1. Sascha66's Avatar
      Sascha66 -
      At the risk of offending ryogahibiki345, I also would like to know how to generate an FS9 key, on entering the key, RC4 just stops. It is supposed to work for FS9, is it not?
    1. johndoe12345's Avatar
      johndoe12345 -
      Don't get your hopes up too much on a solution for this dilemma. Why do you think it is now freeware and no support? You can fly without it......
    1. Skywatcher12's Avatar
      Skywatcher12 -
      I haven't tried it yet but I also am only interested in a FS9 version.

      My god man, flight sims are all still basically the same generation. On an overall basis FS9 is the best flight sim imo. Only reason I use it. Yes, I have tried all the others.
    1. Skywatcher12's Avatar
      Skywatcher12 -
      I can verify it works for FS9! Thanks to the developer!
    1. tce's Avatar
      tce -
      As someone who started with the commodore, when I got my first pc, new chips provided an opportunity to upgrade to a faster chip without changing the motherboard every six months or so. I would do this once a year, and could see a real difference in gaming performance.
      Slowly, I began to notice that cpu upgrades required considerable dollars for slight improvement in fps. And a new motherboard and ram chips, too. Why? As new, higher graphic resolutions were introduced, more power was needed. It became a graphic card vs cpu chase.
      At one point I decided to ask myself whether constantly chasing graphic cards, motherboards, hard drives and cpu was worth the cost in terms of what I wanted from a flight sim.
      What I did decide is to always be two or three years behind the latest software and hardware. This has given me an opportunity to make smart decisions and have components that are reasonably priced.
      Today I run P3d on a intel i5-2500K overclocked to 4.6 ghz , and a gtx 1060.
      My cpu or graphic card limit does not exceed $250, so I wait until the price for either is in this range before I decide to upgrade. These days, a new cpu requires a new motherboard, so I wait.
      This approach keeps me sane and not constantly lusting after the latest. Frankly, despite my cpu being over 5 years old, it still kicks butt.
      I do the same for my planes. It's nice to have a lot of airplanes, but as in real life, I've decided that a few good planes can keep me going for several years.
      For me, it's not about money: it's about perspective and keeping my expectations at a reasonable level.
    1. julean's Avatar
      julean -
      For me it's still the best ATC program and the most user friendly ATC in Flight Simulation I know of...

      Really.. I have flown since FS2000.
      I have tried to find alternatives, but when I try them, take a look.... All of them have failed...to live up to Radar Contact.
      Either they sound strange, or too complicated or too simple..


      Jens Michlas

      Frederiksberg, Greater Copenhagen.
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