• Review: Carenado - PA31 Navajo For X-Plane 11

    Reaching cruise altitude, I set 75% power (referenced from the included performance data), and set the mixtures to give exhaust gas temps of 100 degrees rich of peak EGT. You can find reference information (Normal, Emergency, Performance, Quick Reference) located in the Documents subfolder of the main Navajo file folder. I didn't mention it earlier, but engaging the autopilot and coupling to the Garmin 530 works very well (Carenado obviously spent time tuning this system). Tracking the planned track on the Garmin through the NAV selection was flawless. Rate of climb and descent was easily controlled via the UP/DN toggle on the left of the autopilot control panel. Every mouse click of the UP or DN, resulted in a rate change of a couple hundred feet per second, so don't be too timid clicking if you need to make larger rate adjustments. There isn't an altitude selector, so you have to monitor the vertical performance, and when you reach your desired altitude, click the ALT button. I utilized the vertical nav planning function of the Garmin 530 to assist me in determining a top-of-descent for the Okanagan Valley; my aim point was 5000' over YYF beacon.

    Carenado - PA31 Navajo     Carenado - PA31 Navajo

    If you don't have an endless supply of engines, then the responsible operator of light piston twin-engine airplanes would 'stage cool' the engines during descent so as to avoid shock-cooling the cylinders. If you choose not to stage-cool then it will result in, at best, a shortened time-between-overhaul and at worst, cracked engine cylinders. The rule of thumb, if I recall correctly, is to reduce MP at a rate of 1 inch per 1 minute until reaching 25" MP (at least that's what I did on this trip).

    I descended and broke out of cloud over the ridges west of Penticton. Referencing the X-Plane VFR map to make sure I wouldn't fly into a dead-end canyon, I proceeded to 'scud-run' down a valley to Penticton. Turning north bound towards Kelowna over Okanagan Lake, I noticed the new particle system in XP11.30 was producing moisture condensation trails from the wingtips as I cranked and banked my way through the hills - cool! Like the CCR song 'Up Around the Bend', I flew along the scenic lake and around the bend to Kelowna, to land on runway 34. Taxiing clear of the runway I taxied to the north end of the airport to the Aerocentre FBO. Et voila!

    Carenado - PA31 Navajo     Carenado - PA31 Navajo

    What else is there to add except what has become boilerplate information on the features of this Carenado aircraft package? As far as my recommendations for or against adding this aircraft to your X-Plane hangar, I hope I have enticed you enough to seriously consider buying this product. It's beautifully rendered in X-Plane 11 and flying it again even in the sim brought back many happy memories for me. The Navajo aircraft is a modern workhorse in general aviation, filling the roles of charter, scheduled-service, cargo, med-evac, airborne survey, surveillance, and of course private transport. If that sparks your interest, then it's worth the money!

    Special Features

    • Only for X-Plane 11
    • State-of-the-art configurable FPS-friendly logic system
    • Fully VR compatible
    • Full PBR (superb material shines and reflections)

    Carenado - PA31 Navajo     Carenado - PA31 Navajo


    • Specially designed engine dynamics for XP11
    • Support for RealityXP's GTN750* (integrated into 3D cockpit, when available)
    • Flight physics optimized for XP11 standards
    • Ground handling adapted for XP11 ground physics
    • Physically Based Rendering materials and textures throughout
    • PBR materials authored with industry-standard software used by the film and gaming industries
    • X-Plane GNS530 (FPS friendly)
    • Goodway compatible
    • Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane
    • Realistic weight and balance
    • Tested by several pilots for maximum accuracy

    *RealityXP GTN 750 is sold separately

    Carenado - PA31 Navajo     Carenado - PA31 Navajo

    Included In The Package

    • 6 HD liveries
    • 1 HD blank texture
    • PA31 Normal and Emergency Procedures PDF
    • PA31 Performance tables PDF
    • PA31 Quick reference table PDF
    • Recommended Settings X-Plane 11 PDF

    Recommended System Requirements

    • Windows XP - Vista - 7 -10 or MAC OS 10.10 (or higher) or Linux
    • X-Plane 11
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K at 3.5 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 16-24 GB RAM or more
    • Video Card: a DirectX 12-capable video card from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel with at least 4 GB VRAM (GeForce GTX 1070 or better or similar from AMD)
    • 500 MB available hard disk space

    Internet connection is required for installing this product.

    Carenado - PA31 Navajo     Carenado - PA31 Navajo

    Purchase Carenado - PA31 Navajo

    Sean McLeod

    Purchase Carenado - PA31 Navejo

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Excellent review Sean; even more so coming from a real pilot's perspective.

      Many thanks

    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      Is everything here on Flightsim.com's home page leaning towards X-Plane???? It really seems like that's been a big part of the focus here lately.

    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Quote Originally Posted by iflygary View Post
      Is everything here on Flightsim.com's home page leaning towards X-Plane???? It really seems like that's been a big part of the focus here lately.

      Have you noticed how much X-Plane has gained in popularity? If not, view the recently released survey that came out.

      If you'd like more content for other sims, step up and help us out. Would you like to write FSX or P3D reviews or other articles? We can always use more authors...

      FlightSim.Com is a community...what it has to offer is largely dependent on what the community members put back in.
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