• FlightSoft Christmas Holiday Bundles


    For the Christmas Holiday, FlightSoft offers two bundles, each of which combines four of the products but at a greatly reduced price.

    The Winter Getaway Go To The Beach Flightsim Bundle

    Go To The Beach Bundle

    Regular Retail Price: $219.00

    Special Promotional Price: $45.00

    The 4 product bundle consists of:

    • Fly to Hawaii FSX
    • Asian Holiday Destination FSX
    • Fly to Rio FSX
    • Fly to the Caribbean FSX

    FlightSoft has your back with this impressive Christmas Holiday Bundle: a four product pack just in time for Christmas. You'll fly to a number of really hot destinations and not only test your instrument flying skills but more importantly you'll be challenged with opportunities to test your mettle in manual flying with an extraordinary number of island airports throughout the world. Here is this impressive bundle just in time for the Christmas Holiday Season!


    This four product bundle is yours for the promotional low special price of only $45.00 There's so much heat in this bundle that it will melt all your snow away. It's all about island flying so don't forget to practice your hands on manual flying techniques. You'll experience lots of opportunities to take a hands on approach with plenty of sudden windshear, crosswind maneuvers and sideslip realignments with soft landings at shorter than normal runways throughout the islands including the islands of the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago - Margarita Island and other islands in the Caribbean, Hawaii and South America plus a massive Asian title.

    You'll fly there with FlightSoft's DC10 Jetliners in both North American, Asian and South American Jetliner Packages - 3 different FlightSoft Jetliner packages. Did we tell you that the glass cockpits are meticulously rendered with a user friendly interface. You won't scratch your head for weeks trying to figure out what to do. We would never do that to you! Do you think you can handle these many products in a single bundle? Yes ... 4 mega titles in a single bundle. Guess what you've done it before with 2 product bundles so why not join FlightSoft and FlightSim.com in "The Winter Getaway Get To The Beach Holiday Bundle" ... you're not likely to encounter another hit product bundle like this one until the next Christmas Holiday promotions in 2019.

    Purchase Winter Getaway - Go to the Beach Bundle



    Asian Mega Christmas Bundle

    Asian Mega Christmas Bundle

    Regular Retail Price : $229.00

    Special Promotional Price: $45.00

    The four product bundle consists of:

    • Fly To Tokyo FSX
    • Asian Holiday Destinations FSX
    • Fly to Taipei FSX
    • Fly to Singapore FSX

    Just imagine the sophistication of Asia and the truly unexplored regions of Vietnam, Guam, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Sri Lanka. You certainly can't go wrong with this bundle - it's as hot as any and the vast number of mysterious `cloak and dagger' locations you'll encounter in the mysterious orient is limitless! You'll be coming back for more. Just imagine your environmentally safe cockpit aboard a majestic DC10-30 jetliner with a user friendly updated glass cockpit while you operate the Flight Management System . You'll have plenty of hot location destinations to visit on your trip to the Orient.

    The titles in this bundle are absolutely spectacular a dream come true for the connoisseur of all things oriental. The titles include: FLY TO TOKYO, ASIAN HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS, FLY TO TAIPEI FSX AND FLY TO SINGAPORE FSX.


    This 4 title bundle is yours for only $45.00. What a deal at a time when you're headed home for the Christmas and New Year Holidays! The 4 Product bundle is your passport to the Orient. Why not fly there in style you don't have to pull any punches just jump into the cockpit seat and program the flight management system for a flight to Phuket Island in Thailand or the International Airport in Jakarta. Perhaps you could bring your flying capabilities to the challenges of putting down a massive DC10-40 jetliner on the rails in Saigon or Sri Lanka then fly over to Bombay or Delhi India and say hello to the gurus of enlightenment. Are you game? Want some excitement from your typical flight sim routine? Come try FlightSoft's Christmas and New Year Holiday Bundles an integrated power list of product features. The holiday bundles will keep you focused on the realistic aspects of flying to all the major destinations in the Pacific Rim region will be a real cause for celebration on New Year's Eve!

    Purchase Asian Mega Christmas Bundle

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