• Review: Carenado - Fokker F50

    At altitude, I tried some stall tests, including a power on (flaps 10 degrees, gear down, full power) and power off (flaps full, gear down, idle throttle) stall test. The stall characteristics represented are rather benign. When the aircraft stalls, the alarm sounds, but no immediate attitude change is noted. Upon holding the stall further to allow the airspeed to drop, the nose slowly starts pitching down and the airspeed picks back up, allowing the aircraft to recover from the stall. Minimal pilot input is required to recover.

    On approach, this aircraft is a little bit of a challenge to fly. Unlike modern day airliners, the Fokker 50 tends to sink faster than other aircraft I've flown. As a result, if you start descending too soon, you'll find yourself adding power and holding the nose with a positive attitude the majority of your descent. On a second landing, I tried coming in with more altitude than usual and opting for a slight nose down attitude. This seems to work better and allows for better visibility of the runway during landing.

    Carenado - Fokker F50     Carenado - Fokker F50

    Carenado - Fokker F50

    Carenado - Fokker F50     Carenado - Fokker F50

    When flaring, the aircraft slows down its descent nicely without floating down the runway, leading to a firm but smooth touchdown. Applying the reverse thrusters slows the aircraft quickly down to 60 knots, when the wheel brakes were applied.

    Overall, the aircraft is rather enjoyable to fly, and provides a departure from the usual airliners I'm more accustomed to flying. Whilst I believe that the FMS could certainly be improved, the current model remains usable in getting the plane from one airport to the other.

    Documentation And Other Misc. Items

    The Carenado Fokker F50 comes with several documents detailing its operations in the "Carenado" folder in the FSX root folder. Logically, this should be similar for P3D, though I cannot confirm that. The documentation provided spells out the normal and emergency procedures, provides some performance tables as well as gives a basic walkthrough of the FMS system.

    I feel that whilst these are enough, a tutorial flight much like what Aerosoft does with its Airbus airliners will provide much needed help to newer pilots who may not have all the experience under their belt. In particular, the FMS documentation was a little confusing to understand. With the sizable FMS screen shots, I found myself constantly scrolling back and forth between picture and text in order to piece together how the FMS worked.

    In the end, the aircraft holds much of the qualities of a Carenado aircraft, for better or worse. Like its predecessors, it features amazing looks and eye candy that would cause retinal diabetes (if it were a thing) but starts becoming lackluster when it boils down to immersion and systems. It's really up to the individual user to see if this add-on appeals to him/her. Strong cases can be built both for and against its purchase.

    Ultimately, I believe that this is currently the best Fokker F50 add-on out there (excluding any Fokker F27 add-ons, that's a different aircraft) currently which will appeal to Fokker F50 fans greatly.

    Carenado - Fokker F50

    Meng Yu

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    1. gt401964's Avatar
      gt401964 -
      Too expensive.
    1. flightman's Avatar
      flightman -
      Thanks for the review. As you say the FMS is rather simplified and I find it struggles to cope with waypoint changes, often missing them. This may be because it flies offset from the magenta line, so might never get close enough the waypoint to change leg. There are a lot of small things wrong with the F50. I reported a long list of issues back in March but Carenado don't seem interested in supporting the product. The most annoying thing for me is the night lighting. On the main panel there is only floodlighting. If you turn that off you lose the instrument lighting too, very unrealistic. There is no dimming on the main panel either, yet the overhead panel has it.

      On page 3 of the review you say you couldn't find a way to manually adjust the IAS for autopilot IAS hold mode. The IAS can be changed using the Pitch INC/DEC wheel on the AP control panel on the pedestal. The same control as is used to adjust VS in VS mode.


    1. squiremel's Avatar
      squiremel -
      It's a nice plane to fly and to look at. I don't notice any major FPS issues with all the extra eye candy but there are lite versions for those who are FPS conscious. Superb for those regional flights.
    1. jgmustang's Avatar
      jgmustang -
      Could not take off with this aircraft in other words never came close to V1 even at full power.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      Quote Originally Posted by gt401964 View Post
      Too expensive.

      Have to strongly agree. As with most add-ons this is overpriced. No value here. Price sells. Why not sell more for a reasonable price as opposed to a few way over priced.
    1. smokin's Avatar
      smokin -
      Totally agree with the elevated price comments. I can afford it, but will no longer support it. Literally, hundreds of dollars of poorly designed FSX products residing on my computer. No more.
    1. smokin's Avatar
      smokin -
      Try this again. FSX prices are getting too expensive.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      Quote Originally Posted by smokin View Post
      Totally agree with the elevated price comments. I can afford it, but will no longer support it. Literally, hundreds of dollars of poorly designed FSX products residing on my computer. No more.

      Smokin I'm the same as you. I can afford all the add-ons my heart desires but no more of these over priced aircraft. I'm done getting bent over just to get another one. Hope these developers are listening...PRICE SELLS!
    1. leodirk's Avatar
      leodirk -
      Thank you. It is a very nice Fokker 50 to fly. The very best Fokker 50 I have ever flown. The FMC is bad. But when you use Aivlasoft you can fly the flight plans reasonable with the FMC.
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