• Lionheart Creations Releases Proton Stingrey

    Lionheart Creations Releases Proton Stingrey

    Lionheart Creations is proud to announce the release of its newest aircraft, the advanced concept 'Proton Stingrey'. This is a wild, rudderless flying wing aircraft featuring advanced technologies in electric propulsion and power, a unique User Interface computer screen system. The 3 onboard computer screens feature over a dozen different wallpaper backgrounds. And... There is also a voice 'talking' feedback system; an artificial AI named 'Stinger'.

    The package is utterly an explosion of gamepack add-on, featuring 30 different themes that include interior variations as well as exterior theme designs including 4 themes from the WWII era. A huge amount of special sounds and alarms and dings that increase the environment of your flight experience. The voice callbacks of operations and warnings, the elaborate graphics and system UI interface, is mind boggling.

    Lionheart Creations - Proton Stingrey

    Your package comes with 3 versions of the Stingrey, from the standard model 'RG' or 'Retractable Gear' model, to the 'FG' or 'Fixed Gear' Economy model, (liter weight, slightly slower, more rugged), and lastly, the Amphibian featuring floats for water landings that are fitted with retracable landing gear.

    There is a nice manual that comes with the package. It is a rather large download and will have a big footprint on your simulator. We are talking 30 planes each of the FG and RG models, and 4 versions (themes) of the Floatplane version. That is a ton of planes and graphics. You are warned. This is another LHC 'Mega Pack' in the true meaning of 'Mega'.

    Lionheart Creations - Proton Stingrey

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