• Ultimate 146 Collection Released For Prepar3D v4

    QualityWings - Ultimate 145 Collection P3D v4

    We are happy to announce the release of the Ultimate 146 Collection for Prepar3Dv4!

    Admittedly it has taken a while for us to prep this little gem for the latest platform. Our resources are limited and we had to find the right time to develop the Jumbolino for P3Dv4. Well, we did and all of us here are extremely happy to see its revival.

    QualityWings - Ultimate 145 Collection P3D v4

    So what is this plane all about?

    Long haul and modern avionics are great but the Avro RJ and especially the Bae146 really go back to real pilot craftsmanship.

    Four engines, great sounds and incredible short field performance make this probably the coolest regional jet you will find.

    Unlike many other planes, the Avro's capabilities allow you to discover unique destinations like London City, Aspen or Cusco in Peru.

    QualityWings - Ultimate 145 Collection P3D v4

    Enjoy three different cockpit variants ranging from fully analogue cockpit dials to modernized EFIS gauges in the typical style of the early 90s.

    You see? This plane is anything but normal and that is what makes it so much fun to fly.


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      $20 is insane! That's a great deal!
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