• HD Airplanes - 767-200ER

    HD Airplanes - 767-200ER

    Now available from HD Airplanes is their 767-200ER v2018 for Prepar3D v1, v2, v3, v4.

    Key Features

    • 4K textures
    • Outstanding visual quality and realism
    • Designed according to Prepar3D standards
    • DirectX 9 Compatible
    • Systems Programming
    • Custom Lighting Control
    • Wing Views
    • Custom Views

    HD Airplanes - 767-200ER

    Flight Deck Features

    • Sun Shield (4) L-R
    • Nose Wheel Steering Control Handle
    • Windshield Handle (2) L-R
    • Pilot's Window (2) L-R
    • Pilot's Window mechanism (2) L-R
    • Pilot's Seat (fwd-bwd) (2) L-R
    • Pilot's Seat Arm Rest (4) L-R
    • Transparent Spare Bulbs Cover
    • Wipers (2)
    • Door
    • Control Wheel and Column (2)
    • Control Wheel AP Switch (2)
    • Control Wheel Trim Switches (4)
    • Rudder Pedals (4)
    • Rudder Trim
    • Aileron Trim (2)
    • Rudder Pedals Adjustment Crank (2) L-R
    • Landing Gears Lever
    • Flaps Control Lever
    • Stab Trim Control Lever (2)
    • Engine Control Lever (2) L-R
    • Engine Reverser Control Lever (2) L-R
    • Parking Brakes Control Lever
    • Engine Fuel Cutoff Handle (2) L-R
    • Engine Fire Shutoff Handle (3) L-R
    • Buttons Switches & knobs (180)
    • Guarded Switches (6)

    HD Airplanes - 767-200ER

    High Resolution Textures Of Seven Liveries

    • Air Canada
    • Qantas
    • American
    • Delta
    • Delta with winglets
    • Air New Zealand
    • Air New Zealand with winglets

    Interior - Highly Detailed VC Including

    • Flight Deck
    • Complete Passenger Cabin
    • Galley and lavatories
    • High resolution Textures
    • Custom Views
    • Custom Lighting

    Misc Features

    • Realistic Flight Model
    • Authentic Sound Set
    • Exclusive visual Effects

    Highly Detailed Exterior Models Are Available In The Following Variations

    • Boeing 767-200ER GE
    • Boeing 767-200ER PW

    Hundreds Of Custom Animations

    • Engine Cowling (4) L-R
    • APU Cowling
    • Compressor Fans (2) L-R
    • Engine Reverser (2) L-R
    • Pilots Windows (2)
    • Main Entry Door
    • Middle Entry Door
    • Aft Entry Door
    • Fwd Service Door
    • Middle Service Door
    • Aft Service Door
    • Emergency Exits (4)
    • Service Access
    • Starboard Fwd Lower Cargo Door
    • Starboard Aft Lower Cargo Door
    • Starboard Aft Lower Left Cargo Door
    • Nose wheel Steering
    • Wipers (2)
    • Elevator (2)
    • Inboard Ailerons (2)
    • Outboard Ailerons (2)
    • Rudder
    • Spoilers (12 sections)
    • Wing Flaps (6 sections)
    • Wing Slats (4 sections)
    • Stabilizer
    • Landing Gears (extension/retraction,
    • wheel rotation, shocks animation etc) (3)
    • Landing Gear Doors (8)
    • Tail Skid
    • RAT
    • Radome
    • Radar Antenna


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    1. scanjet's Avatar
      scanjet -
      They list hundred of features, but in the end it is just a model with a VC and a soundset.

      How about actually showings some real VC screenshots and not just one which shows the rear wall.
    1. avallillo's Avatar
      avallillo -
      I agree with scanjet. Of course, it may well be that some will gravitate to a non-study-level simulation, and that looks like what we have here. But I see no mention of the all-important FMC. For anything like realistic operation in a 767 you need a pretty good working FMC that can access nav data. A 767, and for that matter all subsequent airliners, is just a big FMC with an airframe attached! The former is more important to good simulation than the latter.
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