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    Handley-Page Hampden

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    Peter Watkins

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    I have always had a fondness for the Hampden. It was fast (for its time) and manoeuvrable with long range capability. Together with the Vickers Wellington and Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley the Hampden formed the backbone of the Royal Air Force's bomber offensive in the early war years before the introduction of the four engined heavy bombers. Its main drawback and downfall was the totally inadequate defensive armament.

    Virtavia - Handley-Page Hampden

    The Virtavia model is still the only Hampden available for FSX.

    Version 1 of the Hampden was reviewed in detail by Wells Sullivan in 2011 (read review here).

    The FDE has not been changed for V2 and Wells' comments regarding flying characteristics of the model are still applicable.

    I am primarily a painter so I will tailor my review to commenting on changes to the model and paint schemes and also on the use of the repaint kit.

    Version 1 of the Hampden was effectively a port-over of the original FS2004 model, however Version 2 has been remastered for FSX and is now also available in Steam Edition form.

    Virtavia - Handley-Page Hampden

    Looking at the visual model, it's clear to see that bump maps have been added and there is improved glass reflectivity. The repaint kit has also been updated and is available from the Virtavia site.

    Other changes to the model include: tailwheel now castoring, rear gunner now animated, night lit landing light discs added, instruments now lit individually in the VC, improved pop-up autopilot graphics, parking brake added to yoke, switches in the VC can now be operated by the mouse, and aircraft exterior now visible from VC.

    1. Sascha66's Avatar
      Sascha66 -
      I think the window frames of the VC are not textured, right? As they are they would spoil the immersion for me The exterior model looks great, though.
    1. peterwatkins2's Avatar
      peterwatkins2 -
      Wrong!! The window frames are textured in the VC but do not appear textured in the external model shots for some strange reason!
    1. Sascha66's Avatar
      Sascha66 -
      Ok thank you for clearing that up!
    1. TightGit's Avatar
      TightGit -
      Well done to Virtavia for reproducing such a worthy aircraft.

      However, I'm amazed this is commercially viable, as the customer base must be miniscule compared to Boeing or Airbus models.
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Quote Originally Posted by TightGit View Post
      Well done to Virtavia for reproducing such a worthy aircraft.

      However, I'm amazed this is commercially viable, as the customer base must be miniscule compared to Boeing or Airbus models.
      Maybe I'm the exception, but I have almost every title ever produced by Virtavia, and only a handful of Boeing/Airbus models which I very seldom fly. I don't like tubeliners and long boring flights where you mainly manage systems rather than fly the aircraft and I don't like the typically exorbitant prices you have to pay for them. Virtavia on the other hand, produce historically interesting aircraft, which are a hoot to fly, at a decent price and they go on sale often. They hit the sweet spot perfectly between value, realism and detail for me. It is my favourite developer by a long shot, followed by Just Flight in distant second, as the recent JustFlight aircraft have become too expensive.
    1. ftldave's Avatar
      ftldave -
      Quote Originally Posted by TightGit View Post
      However, I'm amazed this is commercially viable, as the customer base must be miniscule compared to Boeing or Airbus models.
      You shouldn't be amazed. There's always been flight simmer interest in modern and vintage military aircraft, to experience flying planes like the Hampden. It's not only about flying Boeing and Airbus tubes. Military aircraft (and sceneries) make up an important part of FSX payware and freeware.

      And I, too, have almost all the Virtavia catalog.
    1. lear45xr's Avatar
      lear45xr -
      $18 WOW. Here is a developer who gets it. A lot better odds of selling more at $18 than greedily way over-pricing the software and hoping a few schmucks will pay it. Thank you Virtavia.
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