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    As this is where we 'virtual pilots' will spend most of our time, a cockpit should (in my humble opinion) be a friendly place, with instruments being both easy and clear to read, and here the AT-11 doesn't disappoint! Anybody familiar with the Beech 18, will feel right at home in the AT-11. Yes, there are differences, but the general layout is pretty much the same. STMA have supplied a Garmin GNS 530 GPS module with their model, and also a fully functional autopilot located underneath. Whether you think an aircraft of this vintage requires these aids, is down to your own personal preferences, but I for one very much like it. Why? Well in my opinion, it's important to remember we are using a simulator here and not the real thing. Some virtual pilots are bound to disagree with me and say that reality is key, but like most things in the world of flight simulation, it's another topic for debate.

    Shade Tree Micro Aviation - AT-11 Kansan     Shade Tree Micro Aviation - AT-11 Kansan

    One thing which isn't open to debate though, is the superb detailing that STMA have given to the cockpit of the Kansan. Everything is wonderfully clear (good for my eyes) and the green cockpit padding is very effective!

    Shade Tree Micro Aviation - AT-11 Kansan

    It's not just the cockpit which is nicely modelled though, as it's also possible to explore the entire interior of the aircraft; something I wish more developers would allow you to do!

    Another nice feature of the interior model, is that if you click on the copilot's rudder pedals, it will take you to the front gun turret station!

    Getting Going

    In my humble opinion, some of the study aircraft for X-Plane are becoming excessively complex to start, which limits the fun factor for some people (myself included). However, this is certainly not the case with the AT-11, as STMA have provided two options in which to start their aircraft. The first, is via the X-Plane 'Flight' menu; and the second, from the switches and dials in the cockpit.

    Shade Tree Micro Aviation - AT-11 Kansan

    • Fuel tanks on
    • Mixture full rich
    • All switches on
    • Select engine
    • Throw the starter

    It's as simple as that and you're ready to go.

    However, for those of you blessed with eagle eyes, you may have spotted that the lavatory is still shown as occupied, so in this case, it's probably best to wait until all crew business is done!

    Shade Tree Micro Aviation - AT-11 Kansan     Shade Tree Micro Aviation - AT-11 Kansan

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      DominicS -
      Nice review Paul; lovely looking model.
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