• Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche Released

    Milviz - PA-30 Twin Comanche

    The Twin Comanche completes our trilogy of light twins. Simpler and easier to maintain than its rivals, it holds fond memories for the many who flew it in their multi-engine training days. It is a must for the general aviation enthusiast who would rather fly the plane themselves than let an autopilot have all the fun.

    Fly Right

    We've paid particular attention to the flight dynamics with a heavy focus on creating an aircraft that is realistic not only in the visual department, but also in the way it handles. The PA-30 Twin Comanche is a powerful and capable light aircraft and we wanted to capture an authentic feel to the controls. Hundreds of hours of testing and expert refinement have resulted in a rewarding, yet ultimately enjoyable, flight experience that successfuly mimics all aspects of the real world model, up to and including low altitude single engine flight behaviour.

    Milviz - PA-30 Twin Comanche

    An Aircraft Of Its Time

    Our PA-30 simulates an aircraft with some wear, yet unmodified, and in its original configuration. In order to be true to this era, our current version does not include an autopilot. However, an update is being prepared that will allow the option of a KAP140 autopilot.

    Milviz - PA-30 Twin Comanche cockpit

    Highly Configurable

    The Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche includes our own highly detailed GPS units based on the default simulator data, however we recognize that many of our customers use other popular 3rd party options for replicating the GPS functions. For the PA-30 Twin Comanche, we've bundled in compatibility for the most popular avionics add-ons with multiple configurations available to choose from.

    Milviz - PA-30 Twin Comanche

    MVAMS Updating Capability

    Our innovative Milviz Aircraft Management System (MVAMS) is included with the PA-30 Twin Comanche package.

    Our MVAMS pre-flight configuration utility runs outside the simulator providing the means to configure and incrementally update individual products to quickly address issues and make fixes when required, without having to download and reinstall complete new versions of the aircraft. This allows our customers to quickly discover and install any pending updates for their aircraft, ensuring that they are completely up-to-date with our latest fixes, changes, or technology.

    Supports: FSX/Acceleration, FSX: Steam and Prepar3D v2, v3, v4.

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