• FS-FlightControl Updated


    We just released FS-FlightControl version 1.3.31 today with a new optional confirmation dialog before actual aircraft positioning (enable in settings) and a map option to import and export POIs to CSV files.

    Version 1.3.31 Changes

    • General: Improved executable manipulation security by double code signing using SHA1 and SHA256.
    • General: Improved setup appearance when font scaling is enabled on Windows 8 or newer.
    • General: Fixed doNotSaveSettings command line option license detection.
    • Position: Added optional confirmation dialog before actual aircraft positioning that also allows one-time option changes (enable in settings).
    • Position: Changed downwind back distance now relative to runway start instead of center.
    • Position: Fixed ILS frequency option no longer shown for helipads.
    • Position: Fixed heading, course and ILS frequency were not set (also corresponding options selected) when aircraft was positioned to runway take-off point.
    • Map: Fixed VATSIM/IVAO/PilotEdge aircraft that are on ground are now also hidden when the hide ground traffic option in the settings is in effect.
    • Failures: Fixed Flight1 G1000 Airspeed failure could not be reset.
    • Aircraft: Fixed rudder trim zero was not working for ProSim.
    • Statistics: Fixed maximized general chart state was not restored after program restart.
    • Statistics: Fixed possible problem printing and improved error handling for approach statistics printing.
    • Statistics: Fixed missing title in CSV import/export dialog.
    • Network: Added option to reset the status page HTML template to the defaults.
    • Network: Improved default status page HTML template layout.
    • Network: Changed map provider of default status page HTML template to OpenStreetMap.
    • Network: Fixed background and text color of default status page HTML template were not correctly adjusted to application color scheme.
    • Settings: Added position option to show confirmation dialog before actual aircraft positioning.
    • Settings: Added map option to import and export POIs to CSV files as well as clear all POIs.
    • Settings: Changed final position horizontal offset signs to comply to aviation standard.
    • Settings: Fixed map option to hide ground traffic was not recalled after program restart.
    • Settings: Fixed position downwind distance back was not correctly displayed.
    • Settings: Fixed vertical offset to glideslope now uses altitude unit and no longer short distance unit.
    • Settings: Fixed missing title in select "scenery.cfg" dialog.

    About FS-FlightControl

    FS-FlightControl, a touch-optimized Instructor Station for Prepar3D, FSX and FSW, assists Simulator Operators, Flight Simulation Enthusiasts as well as Home Simmers to get the most out of their flight simulator.

    The Instructor Station allows the user to set the aircraft on an approach to any airport runway, define weather conditions as well as trigger specific or choose random aircraft system failures.

    FS-FlightControl also comes with a very detailed moving map, optionally with street, satellite or height map background, including airport taxi way layouts. It includes the possibility to plan flights directly in FS-FlightControl with the option to exchange them with many relevant products.

    Furthermore, the flight and landing performance can be tracked and - also graphically - evaluated. More features are fuel and load planning, pushback control as well as remote controlling of network computers.

    Web site: https://www.fs-flightcontrol.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FSFlightControl/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/FSFlightControl

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