• Review: Carenado Cessna 340 For X-Plane 11

    Review: Carenado Cessna 340

    By Shawn Weigelt

    Carenado - Cessna 340 for X-Plane


    I am a creature of habit. Every day I go about my personal routines with a fair amount of consistency. I wake up around the same time day in and day out. I need to have two cups of coffee every morning so that I'm able to function and converse with people with any reasonable semblance of politeness. I tend to frequent the same restaurants and order the same thing off the menu every time. I always order the same drink at Starbucks. I use the same machines and lockers at the gym. I watch The Office and The IT Crowd over and over again on Netflix despite having watched them half a dozen times already. I go to bed around the same time every night (which is way too late if you were to ask my wife). I tend to...ahem...follow the same format when writing reviews for FlightSim.Com. What can I say? I like familiarity and routine and the sense of comfort this sort of repetition brings to my life. Honestly, I think most of us gravitate toward the familiar and our own little personal rituals whether we care to admit it or not.

    Carenado - Cessna 340 for X-Plane     Carenado - Cessna 340 for X-Plane

    When I seriously considered my personal X-Plane use I saw the same theme coming up. I tend to fly to and from the same handful of airports in the Pacific Northwest despite having the entire globe at my disposal. I strongly prefer flying piston engine general aviation aircraft and almost never stray into the jet or helicopter world. I also tend to favor the aircraft of certain third party developers over those of others. I looked back at all of the "payware" aircraft I have owned since X-Plane 9 (when I first got into the hobby) and Carenado and Alabeo produced the vast majority of them. This is telling as it clearly shows me, at least, what I like and what I'm comfortable with.

    Carenado recently released their Cessna 340 II for X-Plane 11. Their C340 isn't exactly a "new" file and has been around since at least X-Plane 10 (though I never owned it for that particular platform). Despite being "new to me" and, I'm assuming, many of you, Carenado's Cessna 340 for X-Plane 11 offers a welcome amount of that gorgeously comforting familiarity that I've come to love, while being crafted specifically for the outstanding X-Plane 11 platform.

    Carenado - Cessna 340 for X-Plane     Carenado - Cessna 340 for X-Plane

    I'm not going to get super deep into this review as, let's face it; this file has already received plenty of press with its past iterations for X-Plane 10, Prepar3D, and FSX. What I will endeavor to do, however, is provide our readers with my unique take on the aircraft in its X-Plane 11 state and whether or not I recommend my fellow sim pilots spend their hard earned money on it themselves.

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