• Joystick Features Coming In X-Plane 11.30

    X-Plane 11.30 joystick curves

    As you may have seen on our social media, we have new joystick features coming in the next major update. There are two major features here:

    • Custom response curves
    • Special (semantic) ranges for certain axis types

    The first may be of general interest, while the second is almost exclusively useful to hardware makers and custom cockpit builders.

    Custom Response Curves

    For as long as I can remember, X-Plane has had a "control response" setting, which makes your controls respond non-linearly. More of your joystick's range is mapped to the center of the your pitch/roll/yaw axis's center, and less of the range is devoted to the extremes. This gives you fine-grained controls in the region where the controls are typically used, at the expense of more coarse controls at the limits.

    In X-Plane 11, these settings live in the Control Sensitivity window (launched from the bottom of the Settings > Joystick screen), and they will continue to be there in the 11.30 update.

    The problem with the existing control response setting, though, is that it applies to all joystick hardware you might plug in. You get just three values--pitch, roll, and yaw--that apply to every axis of that type, no matter the device. Moreover, if you have a different type of axis whose input you want to curve (e.g., throttle, tiller, etc.), you're simply out of luck.

    So, in 11.30, we're adding support for setting custom curves on any axis type. When applied to a pitch, roll, or yaw axis, this will override the global control response curve; applied to other axis types, it will support new functionality not previously available.

    These curves are incredibly powerful. They can do things like:

    • Manually configure a null zone
    • Create a smooth curve (a straightforward replacement for the old "control response" setting)
    • Create really complex curves, with loads of control points, and your choice of interpolation method (linear, or one of two methods of smoothing)

    But the fun doesn't stop there!

    New Semantic Ranges

    There's a new component to the curve editor that bears calling out explicitly.

    When you're editing a response curve for certain axis types (throttle, prop, or mixture), you'll have the option of also configuring the ranges for certain axis-specific behaviors:

    • Beta & reverse ranges for throttles
    • Feather range for prop controls
    • Cutoff range for mixture controls

    X-Plane has always set these ranges automatically based on the aircraft model you were flying. For the first time, though, you can configure it yourself to match your hardware.

    These are aimed primarily at hardware builders who have physical detents on their controls--you can make X-Plane's idle point exactly match your throttle's physical detent, for instance. This makes it possible to build really nice throttle-prop-mixture quadrants that play nicely with X-Plane.

    If you're a commercial hardware maker, and you'd like X-Plane to correctly configure your hardware by default for your users, you can set up both the axis & button assignments and the semantic axis ranges from the settings UI, then click the "Create Default Configuration File" button to create the file.


    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      Yeah! This just keeps getting better.

      I would have never envisioned that after decades of FS2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9..FSX and P3D v1,2,3...P3DV4...that I would be so enthralled with XP.

      Just like P3D and predecessors, the sims need payware upgrades to make them are real as it gets. XP is no different. And while still lacking in some areas, I find I am totally addicted to flying ortho scenery with overlays, and there are thousands of freeware airports that are just superb to keep building the sim. A year and half in I find I am not pickup P3DV4 very much anymore even though I just bought the A2A Bonanza V tail for P3D.
    1. elgob's Avatar
      elgob -
      Just wish they had seasons in X-Plane & less assignments.
    1. lavochkin's Avatar
      lavochkin -
      X-Plane 11 ROCKS! Flight sim of the future.
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