• X-Plane - 4K Panels and Cockpit Objects in 11.30

    X-Plane 11

    A quick note on 11.30: we have an internal build of 11.30 that seems to be working and we'll be rolling out private betas next week, as soon as we get menu items for the particle system editor. Once we get some feedback on the private beta we'll know if we're close to public beta or not.

    Two new feature for aircraft authors coming in 11.30:

    • 4K Panels. I do not promise that this is going to have good performance, so try it and go back to 2K if things get slow, but in X-Plane 11.30 you can use a 4K texture for your panel. This is mostly useful for aircraft that are generating a lot of plugin-based dynamic texture effects.
    • Cockpit Objects. Before X-Plane 11.30 the cockpit object is a magical object found by file name (aircraft name_cockpit.obj). In X-Plane 11.30 the cockpit object is just one among many "misc" objects in Plane-Maker, with the "cockpit object" check-box set.

    X-Plane and Plane-Maker will automatically upgrade/interpret old planes, so there's no "todo" here or compatibility loss.

    This feature means that, starting with 11.30, you can now share a single cockpit object amongst multiple .acf files in the same folder. This means you can create multiple editions of your aircraft (e.g. for engine types) and not have to duplicate your cockpit .obj files.

    Ben Supnik
    X-Plane Software Engineer

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