• FlyJsim 727 Series Professional Updated

    FlyJSim 727

    We have a new patch going online for the 727, which fixes the outstanding issue related to the spoilers, mach hold, Vmo indicator and more.

    Version: 3.1809.1125

    Date: Sep 19th 2018

    • Fixed an issue where the spoilers would not deploy.
    • Fixed Mach Hold no longer working after previous patch.
    • Fixed how the mach tape moves.
    • Fixed the elevator position indicator showing the value reversed.
    • Fixed VMO indicator, indicating the wrong mach value.
    • Fixed trim value at plane load-up.
    • Fixed LE Flaps not deploying with alternate flap system.
    • Fixed issue where only the left inner flap would fail.
    • Set gear to fail down under 180 kts if no hydraulics available.
    • Changed chance of having a gear failure. Less likely now.
    • Fixed issue where you were not able to reconnect the CSD drive after having to disconnect it. The maintenance system will not fix it properly.
    • Standby Altimeter setting will now match pilots altimeter on plane load.
    • You will now be able to fix the tail skid if it gets hit and wont come up through the maintenance system.
    • Added maint system feature that will pop tires or collapse a gear if you land to hard and too heavy. You will need to land significantly hard to trigger these.
    • Fixed issue where occasionally the starter valves would get stuck open with no way to close them.
    • Added aft cargo door visual to the 727-100 variant.



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