• Review: REX SkyForce 3D

    Clicking the button 'Favorite Airports' reloads the list of your favorite airports together with all the linked weather conditions for each airport. In short this tool is simply a quick overview display tool and you are not able to make changes to the weather or similar here - you can use the information for flight planning or just for the fun and interest of how the weather is at your favorite airports.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Another fun part of this weather page is the 'Search Weather' button - using this button enables you to make a search for a specific airport using the ICAO code or making a search based on certain parameters like the type of weather, the intensity, the visibility, the cloud base and the wind speed - this is quite fun if you are looking for a flight in very specific weather conditions or if you would like to make a search of a specific airport that is not listed as one of your favorite airports.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    If you are in doubt what the specific buttons or features do, then use the help function - the question mark in the lower left corner. This quickly provides you with all the various information about what you see as well as which functions are available on that specific page (also previously described).

    Moving on to the interactive map the program now provides a visualization of the weather conditions of the selected area. There are several additional options for the view on the interactive map, which can be controlled in the options in the bottom of the screen.

    You can select a view on various specifics such as the winds and temperatures where you can actually set a specific altitude and thereby see the patterns at that given altitude to compare with a lower altitude and now plan a perfect flight for the correct conditions.

    The overlays on the map are divided into weather overlays and map overlays where the weather is everything in regards to the precip, winds, temperature, pireps, sigmets and the current information on the METAR. The map overlays are the flight plan if you have downloaded or added one, the airports and also major roads. There is also a few map controls in the lower right corner.

    This interactive weather map is absolutely superb for visualizing a weather system as well as to make flight planning a whole lot more interesting, fun but also easier. You gain a grand overview and quickly see potential dangers much easier and quicker when the weather is visualized like this - I certainly enjoy using this interactive weather map greatly because I am personally also quite a weather nerd and do find this to be a powerful tool to support flight planning.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    REX Sky Force 3D

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Themes - this is one of my favorite parts of this program and also something that I remember from previous versions. Here you are able to create or download community shared themes for your flight simulation experience. You can shuffle between all selectable in every area and aspect and thereby create very unique themes that will fit exactly to what you find to be the out most optimal visual experience.

    You add your specific clouds, atmosphere, moon, lightning, environment, etc. and you can create multiple themes which you quickly can shift between. The installation for a new theme is just a few seconds so this absolutely provides great user friendly customization of the weather within the simulator.

    When you have created a theme, you can either save it, install it or share it with the rest of the REX community. You can also 'Go Random' and let the computer do the selection.

    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      I purchased this when it first came out and could not be happier with it. You get the 32-bit and 64-bit version with it. It adds great realism with the new cloud models. When this is mixed with the new Weather force coming out you will no longer see weather updates that make clouds just suddenly disappear. They will gradually fade away just like real clouds as weather fronts change.
    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      Page 6 mentions Rex Overdrive is installed. Is this essential?
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by anaismith View Post
      Page 6 mentions Rex Overdrive is installed. Is this essential?

      The Rex Overdrive is not essential - I only use that when flying FSX and the SkyForce when flying P3D
    1. thomasfalubo's Avatar
      thomasfalubo -
      I was a bit dissapointed with SkyForce. It was an incredibly hype before release and it didn't work that well initially.
      Still waiting for "WeatherForce" that will eliminate these enoying transitions and will try it again then...

      Therefor I still use Active Sky where the transition is unnoticeable and I really appreciate the "Real-Time Texture Dynamics" option by them. No need to choose all these themes or cloudtypes. Just the current weather at my current location and this is where Actice Sky it great!
      It's a great weather addon (something X-plane really need).
      Regards Thomas
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