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    REX Sky Force 3D

    The 3D Cloud Models page is the area where you can select a specific structure for your flight simulation experience. The categories here are Alto, Stratus, Cumulus and Cumulus-Nimbus and for each category you have pre-installed sub categories where all are selected and cannot individually be de-selected.

    For each category you have an option - the 3D model option where e.g. you can select the Alto to utilize either Floccus, Perlicidus or Undulatus or for the Stratus and the Cumulus you can control the density of the visuals. For the Cumulus-Nimbus you also have the option to select either a high or a low precipitation as well as either a visible rain shaft or a wall cloud.

    Additionally you can also apply 3D model add-ons for the Cumulus and the Cumulus-Nimbus and hereby gain a more realistic effect from the 3D models.

    Please do note that if you enable the 'Real-Time Sync Mode' you will need the SkyForce to remain open during flight or else the Sync will not be able to operate.

    To apply the settings just click the 'Install Now' button and the selection will be installed to your selected flight simulation platform. The installation takes just a few seconds.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    The environment area is certainly one of the more exciting parts of this program. Here you can select in great details the specific clouds / cloud-formations that you wish the simulator to visualize. Actually you can do a whole lot more here than just select the clouds - you have in the button of the screen additional areas to configure such as the skies, the sun/atmosphere, the moon, lightning/effects and sounds.

    The 'Clouds' are divided into two sections, one is the 3D cloud textures and the other is the cirro-type cloud textures and yes of course I would recommend going through both. In the 3D cloud textures you have a whopping 22 pages each featuring 8 high resolution images of clouds. Which one you prefer is completely up to you, but your selection here will impact your flight simulation experience immediately.

    When you have found the texture you like the best, you can either install it or add it to a theme which will be described later. Clicking the 'Install Now' button will install the texture to the simulator and the installation is not a heavy installation and is completed within just a few seconds.

    The same goes for the cirro-type cloud textures where you have 20 pages to select from,however these textures are for the higher located clouds like the feather clouds created from ice crystals (cirro-clouds).

    The way the cloud texture selection and installation works as just described, also applies to the Sun/Atmospherics and the Moon/Phases. In total you have 20 options for the sun/atmospherics and 4 options for moon/phases meaning plenty of options to find the most interesting visuals for you.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    REX Sky Force 3D

    REX Sky Force 3D

    The 'Skies' part is actually a 10-day cycle where you have pre-installed two options, but you can also here select the Dawn, the Day and the Dusk to match your region or to be displayed as your favorite visual experience. There are 25 different dawns, 41 different days and 26 different dusks so again there are plenty of options to create the exact and most perfect experience for you.

    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      I purchased this when it first came out and could not be happier with it. You get the 32-bit and 64-bit version with it. It adds great realism with the new cloud models. When this is mixed with the new Weather force coming out you will no longer see weather updates that make clouds just suddenly disappear. They will gradually fade away just like real clouds as weather fronts change.
    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      Page 6 mentions Rex Overdrive is installed. Is this essential?
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by anaismith View Post
      Page 6 mentions Rex Overdrive is installed. Is this essential?

      The Rex Overdrive is not essential - I only use that when flying FSX and the SkyForce when flying P3D
    1. thomasfalubo's Avatar
      thomasfalubo -
      I was a bit dissapointed with SkyForce. It was an incredibly hype before release and it didn't work that well initially.
      Still waiting for "WeatherForce" that will eliminate these enoying transitions and will try it again then...

      Therefor I still use Active Sky where the transition is unnoticeable and I really appreciate the "Real-Time Texture Dynamics" option by them. No need to choose all these themes or cloudtypes. Just the current weather at my current location and this is where Actice Sky it great!
      It's a great weather addon (something X-plane really need).
      Regards Thomas
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