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    Review: REX SkyForce 3D - Total Atmospheric Immersion

    Created by REX Game Studios

    By Raymond Andersen


    My name is Raymond Andersen and some of you might know me better as Rays Aviation - I have had the pleasure of testing the new Sky Force 3D - Total Atmospheric Immersion created for the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 platform by REX Game Studios.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    The Sky Force 3D is a program that completely upgrades the weather, the clouds and the various effects in your simulation platform, thereby increasing the realism and your experience of flying your favorite aircraft on your preferred sim-platform.

    The version that I have tested and which is covered by this review is the version created for the Lockheed Prepar3D v4 platform, meaning a 64-bit platform however; the Sky Force 3D is also compatible with older 32-bit platforms like FSX, FSX:SE and the previous versions of Prepar3D.

    This review will cover my experience and my opinion of this program and I will try to go through as many features as possible to give you the best overview of this program. Enjoy the read.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    Download & Installation

    I downloaded the SkyForce3D directly from the download servers at REX Game Studios. The entire download file is a huge file of 4.61 GB, however the download was completed after just a few minutes due to a superb connection to the download server where I could utilize most of my own download speed of 120 GBit/second. I found no issues downloading such a huge file and I had no interruptions or similar.

    Installing the program was very easy - simply click the icon and follow the instructions set by the installation wizard. Before activating the installation wizard you should remember to read the 'read me file' - the info there can save you for some later issues and headaches so therefore I of course read the file first. Basically the information is that you should not install the REX SkyForce within your primary flight simulation folder as that could cause issues, so I instead choose to install the software on my E:\ drive since that is where I have all my add-ons installed. This drive is of course manually selected by the simmer and you can select whichever drive you want as long as you have the rights to use that drive.

    Installing the SkyForce3D software actually went quite fast - about 3 minutes or so and the entire installation was completed. The installation file now filled up a whopping 30.8 GB, so that is indeed a gigantic amount of data. Please do be aware of this before installing on a computer with limited available space.

    REX Sky Force 3D

    The installation process consists of five major steps - Step 1 is the product registration which needs to be completed before being able to move forward. Second step is to select which default flight simulator you want the SkyForce to support - here I of course selected the option with P3Dv4, but you can also select the older versions of P3D as well as FSX and FSX Steam.

    REX Sky Force 3D     REX Sky Force 3D

    Step 3 is to create a list of your favorite airports - this enables you to instantaneously track real-time weather conditions for the included airports in that list. You can add up to nine airports in total, and when you reach nine and enters number ten, then one airport is automatically deleted. If you don't fill out this step during the setup process, then do not worry because this can also be completed later as well as altered at any given time.

    REX Sky Force 3D     REX Sky Force 3D

    The step number 4 is general settings - here you have various options to either enable or disable, such as REX weather engine and auto-backup, etc. and the final step is step number 5. In this step you specify the texture resolution for the 3D clouds, the cirro-type clouds and also the moon. 3D clouds and the moon textures can go up to 4096 x 4096 meaning ultra HD whereas the cirro-type clouds are limited to 2048 x 2048. Please do be aware that the higher setting you set here will impact your computer's performance and could cause flickering if your computer comes up a bit short. If the computer comes up short I would certainly recommend decreasing these specs a bit. My test was performed on max settings with a Asus GeForce GTX980 Strix OC 4 Gb graphic card, an Intel Core™ i7-4790K 4x4.40 GHz and 32 Gb DDR3-2133 HyperX Beast RAM from Kingston, and I did encounter flickering when flying in very detailed weather over a high resolution ground area and with speeds faster than Mach 1. This just as a reference.

    There are no 'auto-find' the correct installation folder which you normally see when installing sceneries or aircraft add-ons, but that is quite understandable since you actually are recommended not to install in the primary flight simulation folder.

    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      I purchased this when it first came out and could not be happier with it. You get the 32-bit and 64-bit version with it. It adds great realism with the new cloud models. When this is mixed with the new Weather force coming out you will no longer see weather updates that make clouds just suddenly disappear. They will gradually fade away just like real clouds as weather fronts change.
    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      Page 6 mentions Rex Overdrive is installed. Is this essential?
    1. RaysAviation's Avatar
      RaysAviation -
      Quote Originally Posted by anaismith View Post
      Page 6 mentions Rex Overdrive is installed. Is this essential?

      The Rex Overdrive is not essential - I only use that when flying FSX and the SkyForce when flying P3D
    1. thomasfalubo's Avatar
      thomasfalubo -
      I was a bit dissapointed with SkyForce. It was an incredibly hype before release and it didn't work that well initially.
      Still waiting for "WeatherForce" that will eliminate these enoying transitions and will try it again then...

      Therefor I still use Active Sky where the transition is unnoticeable and I really appreciate the "Real-Time Texture Dynamics" option by them. No need to choose all these themes or cloudtypes. Just the current weather at my current location and this is where Actice Sky it great!
      It's a great weather addon (something X-plane really need).
      Regards Thomas
    1. DAVIDSTRAKA's Avatar
      I suppose my only issue is weather generation near your destination. I have found that the current airport weather loads only if you land and the weather seems to update with the current conditions. I must be missing something or the program does not extrapolate to the terminal area. e.g., it's raining and minimums at the airport. 2 SM visibility, but the approach is 10+ miles vis, broken clouds at 5,000, no rain. Once I land and start to taxi to the gate, then all of a sudden, boom! The weather kicks in. Not expecting an answer, just making an observation. I need to get to the forums and support and see what I'm missing.
    1. Brikkie's Avatar
      Brikkie -
      This is the only add-on for weather, sky texture, sun / moon you need. I know I have many other add-ons but I only use sky force 3D . save volume on your SSD just install Rex Sky Force and get clearance for take-off.
    1. Th1racer's Avatar
      Th1racer -
      Thinking of getting this ! Until my new rig is built I am stuck with an older Laptop ! I meet the minimum requirements but I dont with Weather Force. I have 8gb of ram for now. Question is after reading up on Rex 5 have they fixed the cloud transition issues ?

      Thanks !
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