• LEAL - Alicante Int'l Airport and Alicante Port

    LEAL - Alicante Intl Airport and Alicante Port

    Highly Detailed Airports

    • Extremely detailed and realistic recreation the real airport.
    • Full interior modeling of main floor terminal (Very detailed).
    • Ambient occlusion in main textures.
    • (PBR) Specular maps for objects and ground poly.
    • Over 200 buildings, Highly detailed
    • Custom animated jetways.custom texture and numbered.
    • Custom runways and Taxiways(Reflex normal map).
    • Custom taxilines, borderlines and ground markings.
    • HDR lighting with custom night textures
    • Customized forest and vegetation 3D(Grass,Palms,plants).
    • Custom surrounding areas.
    • UHD Spanish compatible.

    LEAL - Alicante Intl Airport and Alicante Port

    Animated Airport

    • Animated walking people.
    • Animated passengers boarding aircraft.
    • Animated helicopters(Spanish police).
    • Customized models for traffic vehicles to terminal.
    • Static objects, vehicles and aircraft.

    LEAL - Alicante Intl Airport and Alicante Port

    Alicante Port

    Over 100 custom buildings, for example:

    • Santa Barbara Castle
    • Commercial Center Panoramis
    • Club Regates Alicante.
    • Casa Carboneli Alicante.
    • Restaurant Darsena.
    • Casino Mediterraneo
    • Hoteles Melia
    • Porta Maris.
    • Casa Del Mar
    • La Lonja Del Pescado
    • Restaurant Monastrell
    • Antigua Edificio Sanidad
    • Antigua Estacion
    • Estacion Autobuses
    • And many more


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