• Review: Aerosoft Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport

    Review: Aerosoft Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport

    By Patrick Putlend

    Aerosoft - KPUW Pullman Moscow Regional Airport


    The state of Washington in the northwest of the United States, must be one of the most beautiful areas to fly for the adventurous GA pilot. The stunning mountain ranges and wide prairies are just begging to be explored, and with numerous airports situated around this vast state, the choices on offer are vast. One of these airports is Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport, located in Whitman County. The airport has a single asphalt paved runway, which is designated 6/24, and measures 6,730 by 100 feet (2,051 m by 30 m).

    No stranger to creating both large and small airports for a wide range of simulator platforms, Aerosoft have recreated Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport for X-Plane. So, with that said, let's take a look at what this package offers the virtual pilot.

    Aerosoft - KPUW Pullman Moscow Regional Airport     Aerosoft - KPUW Pullman Moscow Regional Airport

    First Look

    Upon loading and viewing the scenery for the first time, my initial response was...'wow, this is great!' As an amateur scenery designer myself, it was quite clear to see that the developers had put a lot of time into getting this scenery just right. Everything was placed accordingly; taxilines were in their right places, as well as the airport's numerous buildings (none of these overlapped or created X-Plane's trademark flicker).

    Exploring further, I was pleased to see that every single hangar and building had been modelled to a high standard, with the hangars being particularly pleasing. Not only were the exteriors well modelled, but so too were the interiors! The high level of airport detailing didn't end there, because as I ventured out to the airport limits, I was pleasantly surprised to see some farms and a couple of industrial sites come into view! Again, just like the airport's main buildings, the 3D modelling was exceptionally done.

    Aerosoft - KPUW Pullman Moscow Regional Airport     Aerosoft - KPUW Pullman Moscow Regional Airport

    Custom Mesh

    When it comes to airport elevations, especially those of an exotic nature, X-Plane can sometimes come up short (this is usually found in freeware designs). In a payware scenery however, I always expect a custom mesh to accommodate any runway elevation changes, and I was pleased to see that Aerosoft's version of this airport did indeed include a custom mesh. I was also pleased to see that the numerous objects used (when located on an elevated area of mesh) did not float in the air. Everything integrated nicely into the sim, which was a big bonus. So as far as the mesh is concerned, I'd have to give it a well deserved 9.5/10.

    Note: the mesh also works well when used with Ortho4XP.

    Aerosoft - KPUW Pullman Moscow Regional Airport     Aerosoft - KPUW Pullman Moscow Regional Airport

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    1. Pete80602's Avatar
      Pete80602 -
      Do you know of any plans to update Pullman-Moscow to its new configuration? There was a recent renovation that realigned and extended the runway and associated taxiways. The owners were faced with an ultimatum from the FAA saying that the runway had to be extended or the airport would be decertified for commercial passenger service. Given the constraints of the location, the runway had to be turned a few degrees to the southwest, which required new cuts and fills as well. The taxiway and the runway entrances and exits also had to be realigned. Here's Skyvector.com's entry: https://skyvector.com/airport/PUW/Pu...gional-Airport
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