• Carenado Releases New Falcon 50 Pictures

    Carenado - Falcon 50

    Back in May, Carenado announced they were working on a Falcon business jet for FSX and Prepar3D. At that time they showed some basic rendering of the work in progress aircraft.

    Today they have released new pictures showing that development is well under way.

    Carenado - Falcon 50

    Carenado - Falcon 50

    Carenado - Falcon 50


    1. damien's Avatar
      damien -
      Looking great.
    1. scottm's Avatar
      scottm -
      It's pretty, but my heart belongs to FlySimware and its upcoming Falcon 50.
    1. cowpatz's Avatar
      cowpatz -
      Quote Originally Posted by scottm View Post
      It's pretty, but my heart belongs to FlySimware and its upcoming Falcon 50.
      I do enjoy the Flysimware products but they could really do with the services of a good texture artist. Although functional they definitely look dated and don't take full advantage of what P3D4 has to offer.
    1. CPC900's Avatar
      CPC900 -
      I agree, flysimware do a nice job with their aircraft. But they look so dated. I know people say "eye candy" isn't as important as systems, but they could use a facelift in graphics.
      Having said that, I DID already buy flysimware's Falcon 50 The sounds are amazing!!! The aircraft is constantly being improved; very good company that cares about their products.
      I also like the Falcon 50, so I assume I will buy the carenado as well
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