• Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack Released

    Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack

    The Super 80 Classic, Super 80 Professional and DC-9 Classic for P3Dv4 are now available for download. Get all three aircraft in one big MegaPack!

    Coolsky, together with Flight One Software, is proud to announce the availability of the Super 80 Classic, the Super 80 Professional and the DC-9 Classic on the Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4 platform. This has been a highly requested move and we are happy to finally be able to offer our aircraft on P3Dv4 for your enjoyment. The first of the three aircraft offered in the package, The DC-9, was built by the Douglas Aircraft Company. It is a twin-engine, single-aisle, short to medium range jet airliner. The DC-9-30 is capable of carrying just over 100 passengers. It cruises at around 570 mph/910 km/h and has a range of about 1600 nautical miles (3000km). The DC-9 family of aircraft is one of the most successful series of airliners ever built with a total production of over 2,400 aircraft.

    Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack

    The other two aircraft represent the Super 80 in classic and modern configurations. The classic Super 80 brings you back to an era of flying where glass was just starting to appear. This rendition is based on the original Super 80, circa 1979. So with the combination of classic analog and early electronic navigation, you have a product that requires a lot of attention, but also rewards proper cockpit management. The Super 80 Professional simulates the latest cockpit upgrade given to the MD-80 series. It includes a full Electronic Flight Deck (EFD) that includes a full EFIS with FMS, TCAS, Systems Display Panel, Engine Display Panel, and many more advanced systems. The Super 80 Pro gives you the high-tech avionics required to fly the precision procedures executed by today's professional pilots.

    The DC9's and Super 80's systems have been painstakingly replicated in this series. All three aircraft include an Integrated Cockpit Training System will help guide you through many of the steps required in order to have a successful and accurate flight.

    Interactive schematic drawings of all major systems, a 140+ individual failure and situation system that allows you to practice how to respond to different types of emergency and abnormal situations and scenarios, automatic aircraft configuration for all phases of flight, and a dispatch / flight center that can select the number of passengers and amount of cargo you will be transporting, as well as the fuel load needed for the planned flight, plus so much more are included in the Megapack!

    All three aircraft will be sold together in a single MegaPack; "Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack". Pricing for the MegaPack has been set at USD $54.95.

    A discount is available for owners of the FSX versions of these aircraft. The discounted price has been set at USD $29.95.

    Purchase Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack

    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      $55.00? These developers have gotten out of hand. They are slowly going to kill the hobby with prices like this.
    1. ncflyboy66's Avatar
      ncflyboy66 -
      MrUnSavory, not sure if that was a bit of sarcasm or not but they are offering all three upgraded P3Dv4 models together for that price. There are a number of single models out there that are more expensive and to be clear, current model development of any high end models is expensive so the price point is going to reflect that.
    1. kwi's Avatar
      kwi -
      maybe you are not well informed. For those 55 Bucks you get MD80Classic, MD80Pro and the DC9. That means three
      diff planes for one price. And if you own just one of the for FSX, you get all 3 for 30Bucks. Is fair, is´nt it????
    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Looks like a fine aircraft package, can't wait!

      What I find kills the hobby more than anything, is the constant negatively often portrayed on articles etc.

    1. sith's Avatar
      sith -
      Sad they forgot the earlier DC-9-10 models.
    1. edpatino's Avatar
      edpatino -
      For those who don't know, none of these aircraft work at all after installation. It seems that the problem is exclusively for P3Dv4.3 Academic and Windows 7 users. In you're with Windows 10, buy at your own risk.
      Since released, the people at Coolsky/F1 are trying to find a solution, but as for today, the problems persist.
    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      LMAO!!!! As W.C. Fields said, "There is a sucker born every minute".
    1. MrUnSavory's Avatar
      MrUnSavory -
      Quote Originally Posted by W33 View Post
      Looks like a fine aircraft package, can't wait!

      What I find kills the hobby more than anything, is the constant negatively often portrayed on articles etc.

      No, what kills the hobby are fools that pay these kinds of prices slowly turning it in to an elitist hobby.
    1. PEPPER321's Avatar
      PEPPER321 -
      I think it was PT Barnum who originated the "sucker" remark (?)
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