• Review: Alexander Barthel's Little Navmap

    Little Navmap

    Review: Alexander Barthel's Little Navmap for X-Plane

    By Paul Mort

    [Editor's note: Though this reviewer only tried the X-Plane version, Little Navmap actually works with FSX, FSX: Steam and Prepar3D v2,v3,v4 also.]

    Hello again, and welcome to this review of 'Little Navmap', developed by Alexander Barthel. In this short article we will be discovering the features, tips and tricks of this wonderful freeware add-on for X-Plane. This is a review covering just the basic elements of the program, but in the near future, I will also be providing an in-depth tutorial which will give a far more detailed description on how to get the most from it.


    To obtain your copy of the program, you will need to follow this link.

    Once you have made your choice of Windows or OSX, the program will download in a zipped format. Having unzipped the downloaded file you will then be presented with a stand-alone program folder which you can then copy to any location. I suggest you create a shortcut to help you open the program. No other third party software is required to connect Little Navmap to the simulator; it really is as easy as that!

    General Overview

    Once the program is running, we are presented with a topographic and detailed map of the whole World.

    Little Navmap world view


    At the top of the page is a multi menu configuration where the business of setting up the map happens.

    Little Navmap menu

    The menu functions that are enabled are shown with a blue background. It is not within the scope of this review to go into detail of the menu, but as we hover over each button, a short description of its function is revealed. The mouse wheel allows us to zoom in and out, whilst panning is achieved by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the map. Various map sources are available, with my personal favorite being the 'Open Topo Map', which I find provides great detail.

    Little Navmap topo map

    The level of detail when you zoom in is amazing, with both individual buildings and road names clearly being visible.

    Little Navmap - map detail

    The above image shows an area in the Scottish Highlands, and shows the relief of the hills and valleys.

    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      Wonderful little program

      Nels, there once was a time these reviews could be d/l in PDF form for reference purposes. I sure would like to see that again.
    1. tgon's Avatar
      tgon -
      It's a brilliant utility developed by one of the nicest guys in the business [emoji4]
    1. wycliffe's Avatar
      wycliffe -
      I have used this since first release in xplane and I can say without doubt this is the best freeware flight planning tool available.
    1. gt401964's Avatar
      gt401964 -
      I reckon this is one of the best flight planning tools available. It does take a fair bit to read about it and get it working but sit down and read the manual and take your time with it.
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Well done Paul, and many thanks to Alex; I'm glad we were able to get this published.

      Great write-up on a fantastic utility which no flight simmer should be without.
    1. ZSRES's Avatar
      ZSRES -
      Good Day

      The best file that I have downloaded from the Flightsim.com website

      All I can say is a VERY BIG THANK YOU for giving this to us as flight-simmers.
    1. DavidN16's Avatar
      DavidN16 -
      Since this program came out, only then have I gone from FS9 to P3D. I refused to leave the FSNavigator program for Plan-G. Our group flies weekly online using FS9, FSX & P3D but only with the FSNavigator was I (using FSNavigator) able to see all the NAVs for our flights. GREAT & Helpful program, you see it all. With this program we also moved from FSHost to JoinFS for conducting our weekly flights.
    1. Peter Allison's Avatar
      Peter Allison -
      A fantastic little program, can't understand why it's taken me years to find it! Along with Simbrief makes a great combination.
    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      five smiles out of 5.
    1. pglenting's Avatar
      pglenting -
      Hello to all,

      I have a question: I am a flyer on the IVAO network. Can i see all the traffic around me and the ATC's

      Thank you verry much for your reply.

      Peter ( KLM051 )
    1. godhelp's Avatar
      godhelp -
      is this program also suitable for remote /second computer (w xp for example)

      fgo psn 58906 rtrd
    1. shermank's Avatar
      shermank -
      Quote Originally Posted by godhelp View Post
      is this program also suitable for remote /second computer (w xp for example)

      fgo psn 58906 rtrd
      yes, LNM will see all AI aircraft in their correct positions with data on speed, alt, etc...you do have to enable the feature from the Menu Bar, but once set, it will stay that way.

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