• Review: SimMax.it TPM And Gear Lever

    Review: Replica TPM And Gear Lever

    Created by SimMax.it

    By Ray Andersen


    I have now for several years been on a quest of testing various software and hardware materials created specifically for flight simulation purposes and this time I have found a rather new flightsim manufacturer www.SimMax.it that sells both blueprints to aircraft panels and also modules both plug-and-play and also modules without the interface card.

    SimMax.it TPM and Gear Lever

    This review will cover two of their recently developed products. One is the replica Cessna style TPM and the other is an independent replica Baron 58 style landing gear lever featuring gear lever as well as LED lights.

    This is the first time I have tested and reviewed materials from SimMax but the products have definitely proved their worth and I was very positively surprised. I do hope you enjoy the write-up of my experience of these new and exciting products and how they in my opinion performed.

    Packing And Delivery

    The products included in this review were ordered directly at www.SimMax.it which is a multi-language international web site and where you can make your purchase in several currencies with world-wide direct shipment. The company is an Italian company located on the island of Java in Indonesia and the products are made by Simone Saruis who is a very talented flightsim builder.

    SimMax.it TPM and Gear Lever box     SimMax.it TPM and Gear Lever shipping box

    The delivery was performed by the Indonesian Postal Service which carried the package to the international haulers and finally to the Danish Postal Service which did the final delivery. Overall the entire transit time was about two - three weeks, however the extended delivery time was mainly due to a delay at the Danish customs service. The shipment was supported by track and trace and the number was sent directly to me by SimMax - this was excellent so that I could keep track of how close the pack was getting to delivery. You know that when you have finally ordered some new hardware, you just can't wait to receive it.

    Receiving the package I saw that the transport had been carried out nicely and there were absolutely no signs of rough handling on the package. The parts were carefully packed within a strong and thick cardboard box which had an inner layer of polystyrene plates to shield the parts from rough handling. Furthermore the parts were also packed in a dual/triple layer of bubble wrapping, so the parts were very carefully and nicely packed.

    1. fairwinds47's Avatar
      fairwinds47 -
      Wow! Where were these folks a year ago? I just completed two generic panels for a twin prop, based loosely on the B58. My cost will probably be more than what they are selling their B58 panel for and will not come close in quality, no matter how proud of them I am. My panels are printed graphics sandwiched between two 2.39 mm acrylic sheets (Hats off to Mark @Almostaviation.)

      Your explanation of hooking up the landing gear will help me, as I have yet to wire my panels and have been trying to decide what program to use. I have been considering Link2FS, Mobiflight, and also SimInovations. I already have 2 Megas, FSUIPC5 and Linda.

      Thanks for the write-up Ray. R/Len
    1. Pietrogramma's Avatar
      Pietrogramma -
      I purchased some SimMax's products and I found them excellent.
      I builded my cessna's C172 home cockpit using them projects and all was very simple. I used the cad's files with a laser cut service and in half hour I had my panel like the real one. I plugged it con Xplane using ardsimx and a Mega arduino.
      I purchased from simmax the mechanism flap, the switch panel and fuel selector and I integrated it with my panel very simply.
      Now i will purchase il throttle and the starter switch.
      For me, the real force of SimMax is the support service; They are always kind, understandable and, whenever possible, I always satisfy requests.
      I recommend simmax with all of myself
      Best regards
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