• TDS Releases NMA6 Research Model 2018

    TDS NMA6 Research Model 2018

    For many years developer group TDS (Tenkuu Developers Studio), lead by Hiroshi Igami, have been supplying flight simulator users with quality freeware jet airliners. Over the past five years, their base models have been among the most popular downloads at FlightSim.Com.

    TDS NMA6 Research Model 2018

    So, the release of something new from TDS is always cause to sit up and take notice. Announced today is their FS2004 and FSX version of the Boeing NMA6 Research Model 2018. So, what is NMA? The "New Mid-Market Aircraft" is designed as a replacement for the 757 that will cover long range routes other planes like the latest 737's are not capable of.

    TDS NMA6 Research Model 2018 compared to other aircraft

    On their Facebook page TDS goes into great detail about the aircraft, showing its hybrid fuselage and showing comparisons with other aircraft.

    The plane is now available for download from the FlightSim.Com file library. Thanks to TDS for another interesting jetliner.

    Download TDS NMA6 Research Model 2018
    Download TDS NMA7 Research Model 2018
    TDS on Facebook

    1. lmhariano's Avatar
      lmhariano -
      The NMA6 looks very close to a 762 (and the -7 to a 763)...
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      I was thinking the same too .... but with a hint of B787 too .... JEEZE I sound like a wine taster

      I've always liked Hiroshi's work.

      Might give this one a look myself later on .... "if/when" I get time.

      Mark C
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      Thanks for the comments.
      NMA is a 757's long range flight replacement Boeing is offering.
      So far what I gathered is.

      1.Hybrid Fuselage
      Wide body cabin with narrow body cargo deck.
      2.787 style compositte wing

      Boeing wants a Geared Turbo fan style engine.

      4. NMA6 225 seat 5000nm NMA7 265 seat 4500nm <- Seems number is unstable.

      5.Info from the CG

      So simply from those numbers and info and guessed
      Cabin is 767 size seat 2-3-2 and from that . can guess that the cabin length is about 737-800 to -900's size.
      Wing span is limited to 757+ winglet size.
      And try matched the image of the CG.
      I can't be same .. should be fat and short aircraft .. not like the CG.
      But from the info gathered .. it ended up like this.
      Engine is a scaled up PW1100GB a engine for A320Neo.
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      For how it flys we can't imagine how it will be.

      But for showing , needs something.
      Since it's a replacement of 757 , used TDS757's FDE as a base but putted a known thing.
      Engine thrust Boeing asked to the engine maker so changed that part.
      Also from the guess of weight .. using new wing and some new materials in some parts.
      Added 10% of extra weight on the empty weight.
      Atleast large engine will be heavier but the thrust Boeing asked is high , can lower the N1 on cruise.

      So ignore about how it fly , this model is for showing up how it will look by the info they have been saying.
      It's not a slim aircraft .
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      These BOEING NMA simulations are actually "very nice".

      As Hiroshi sais .... the NMA is an aircraft "still under development by BOEING", so, the performance of these simulations is compiled on basis of "best guess assumptions" at this stage (people need to bear this in mind) and in accordance with the little information that is currently publicly available about these prospective aircraft.

      Even though I represent another FS group (HJG .... for the past 18 years) .... I have no hesitation recommending these simulations for those whom might be looking for something "a wee bit different and futuristic" .... and I´m sure Hiroshi will update them further in the future as more becomes known about the technical specfications and capabilities of these new aircraft.

      "Arigato" Hirosho-san

      Mark C
    1. igami's Avatar
      igami -
      My stance is very simple.
      Where Boeing goes .. will make.
      So when NMA is launched . .will just do.
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      Where Boeing goes .. will make
      I like that ....


      Very good Hiroshi

      Mark C
    1. UA90's Avatar
      UA90 -
      I have a problem. I'm flying in FSX:SE, I did the FSX conversion and everything, but still I'm getting the "Visual Model Could Not Be Displayed" error. Any ideas?
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