• Guide To Using Objutil_combined.py In X-Plane

    A Guide to Using Objutil_combined.py to Create X-Plane Objects

    By Gary Rumpler

    You will need these three things, and a few more, to be able to convert models into useable X-Plane Objects.

    1. http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=33448
    2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cjjwu92mausoh04/AABxwtKzzczZwpW2J8imQGPoa/Utils?dl=0&preview=objutils_combined.py
    3. www.easy2convert.com/png2dds/

    There are basically six steps in converting a model:

    1. Finding and preparing the SketchUp model
    2. Converting the SK model for use
    3. Getting the Script ready to use
    4. Creating a working folder and a scenery folder
    5. Converting the three parts from #2 into an X-plane OBJ using the command line
    6. How to place the object

    It will take much longer to read (or write) this tutorial that it will to convert your first object once you get everything set up. I'll tell you as much as I can about what I've learned doing this for about a month now.

    1. Finding And Preparing The SketchUp Model

    If you are reading this you probably know where this all starts:


    You also need some form of SketchUp. I'm not going to cover how to download and install. If you can't get that done...

    objutil tutorial

    You can search the warehouse by entering what or where you are looking for. I entered Miami.

    objutil tutorial

    Tip: some times you should look under every one of the combinations, there will be models of Miami not in Miami, but will be under Miami Beach or Miami fl or Miami florida. So be patient and keep looking. Also start by looking at collections first.

    objutil tutorial
    objutil tutorial

    I'm going to check out the second box, a collection with 49 models in it.

    objutil tutorial

    There are two ways to download the model. First you can just click on the box with the arrow, or you can click on the model and download from the download box.

    objutil tutorial

    Here's where a little planning goes a long way. One of the first things I realized was that almost all the models in the 3DWarehouse have the same name. sk14,sk15,sk16 or "building in Miami" for example. Also some of them do have good descriptions, but that gives them a really long file name, which is really bad in step 5. So here is what I do.

    I created a scenery list worksheet that looks like this:

    objutil tutorial

    When you download a file you get this in the corner of the window.

    objutil tutorial

    Click on that arrow and it will take you to your download file. Write the name of the model and any info on the scenery worksheet and then

    objutil tutorial renamed to objutil tutorial And now you are ready to start the conversion.

    Make sure that you installed the OBJexporter plugin from the beginning of the tutorial.

    Start SketchUp and load the model you want to work on, in this case 10.

    There are a number of things which must be edited out before you can convert. First: remove the tile the model is placed on.

    objutil tutorial

    Click anywhere it is grey and a menu will open.

    If you click and a blue line surrounds the tile choose erase and the tile will vanish.

    If you click and a red line appears, chose unlock then erase.

    This is what it should look like.

    objutil tutorial

    Now to get rid of the shadow.

    objutil tutorial

    Go to view and uncheck Shadows.

    Also go to view and open the item Edge Styles and uncheck anything that is checked.

    You will learn when you need to do this over time. When you have done this correctly it should look like this:

    objutil tutorial

    Then comes the first bit of magic.

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