• Review: Just Flight - PA28R Turbo Arrow III/IV

    PA28R Turbo Arrow III/IV

    Publisher: Just Flight

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    Shawn Weigelt

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    Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane     Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane


    It feels so good to be back! After taking a long hiatus from writing reviews for FlightSim.Com and, for that matter, from flight simulation in general, I am pleased to finally be "back in the saddle." There is something about the transition between versions of X-Plane that just kills my enthusiasm for the hobby. I can't imagine I'm alone with this sentiment. Just when I finally felt comfortable with X-Plane 10 and how I had it configured to run on my machine, Laminar Research announces X-Plane 11! I knew my somewhat antiquated 2011 iMac would never keep up (let's face it, it barely could with X-Plane 10) and there simply was no computer upgrade in the foreseeable future for the Weigelt family. When X-Plane 11 finally released, I found myself flight simming less and less until, eventually, months passed by and my joystick and pedals collected dust.

    Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane     Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane

    Good things come to those who wait, however, and I am pleased to announce that I am now the proud owner of a new iMac and a freshly installed copy of X-Plane 11! With my flight sim enthusiasm newly rekindled, my good friend, Dom Smith, pointed me in the direction of the Just Flight line of aircraft as a possible avenue to get back into the reviewing "game." To be perfectly candid, my initial reaction was something akin to, "who's Just Flight?" Now wait a minute, before you crucify me in the comments, please remember that I have basically been living under a flight simulation rock for the past several months. Apparently, Just Flight is something of a big name in FSX and P3D circles and has recently begun developing general aviation airplanes for X-Plane 11. Most of their XP11 aircraft are based upon the ubiquitous Piper PA-28 line of low wing piston singles to include the Warrior, Arrow, and Turbo Arrow models. Not to be of singular focus, Just Flight has also recently released the Socata TB-10 and TB-20 as well as the popular Cessna 152 trainer.

    Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane     Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane

    A quick perusal of Just Flight's X-Plane "hangar" in the FS Pilot Shop was enough to have me drooling. It didn't take long to settle on the PA-28 Turbo Arrow III/IV as the subject of my first review for FlightSim.Com in a long time. My familiarity with high quality airplane add-ons for X-Plane mainly center on some serious juggernaut development groups. Let's see if the new-to-me Just Flight development team and their rendition of the Piper Turbo Arrow measure up to the competition!

    Sights And Sounds

    Once my shiny new Just Flight Turbo Arrow was installed I booted up (does anyone still say that?) X-Plane 11.21r2 and excitedly waited to lay eyes on the airplane. Now let's be honest for a minute...Piper singles aren't exactly the sexiest general aviation airplanes sitting on the ramp of your local airport. I would wager most people regard them with little more than a passing glance. The Piper Turbo Arrow is, unfortunately, really no exception in this case. In fact, the Turbo Arrow is little more than a retractable gear, tapered wing Cherokee with a blower under the hood. Still, I have a great amount of respect for the tried and true PA-28 line of aircraft that Piper has been churning out for decades and the Arrow is arguably the best looking one of the bunch. Sometimes one can find great beauty in heritage and utility.

    Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane     Just Flight Piper Turbo Arrow for X-Plane

    Once Just Flight's Turbo Arrow finally loaded at my home base (KTIW Tacoma Narrows) I immediately switched to an exterior view and began panning around the airplane grinning ear to ear. I think I've earned a reputation in my airplane reviews as being a stickler for detail. If a development team makes a mistake with the looks of their product I am more than happy to call them on it. There are far too many payware airplanes available for X-Plane that simply aren't a good visual facsimile of their real world counterparts. It was obvious with this Turbo Arrow, however, that Just Flight has done their homework and has done it well. This model holds up very favorably to scrutiny and the dimensions and proportions look spot on. The exterior textures and reflective surfaces of the aircraft are simply gorgeous to gaze upon and give this "ho hum" looking Piper some serious ramp appeal.

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