• Review: Wilco - Tower Simulator

    Review: Wilco Tower Simulator

    By Paul Mort

    Wilco - Tower Simulator

    Hello again and welcome to a review of the Wilco Tower Simulator. This is quite different to what I normally review in as much as it is a stand alone program and is not allied to any other flight simulator software.

    Let's begin by seeing how Wilco describes their product...

    "Tower Simulator puts you in the controller's chair, high atop a major or complex airport, to choreograph the movements of incoming and outgoing air traffic."

    "Tower Simulator takes you into a world of authority and responsibility, in which the lives of thousands of passengers depend on your ability to make split-second decisions."

    Very dramatic words for a simulator don't you think? Well, let's take a look at this simulator and see if it's as high pressured as Wilco claim!

    Initial Impressions

    Unlike the virtual worlds of MSFS and X-Plane which contain thousands of airports, Wilco have very wisely added a selection of just five locations, and these are as follows:

    • Chicago O'Hare International (KORD)
    • Munich International (EDDM)
    • Orange County Airport (KSNA)
    • Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris (LFPG)
    • Saint Maarten Airport (TNCM)

    Looking at the supplied airports, it is apparent that Wilco have thought very hard about what airports to include, and these vary in terms of the volume of air traffic and geographical location. We do not have the scope to look at all five airports, so for the purpose of this review, I will concentrate on Orange County Airport (KSNA). This is the airport I would suggest as a starting point for newcomers, as it has the smallest volume of air traffic of the five.

    Wilco - Tower Simulator sample image

    The initial screen we are presented with, gives us the selection of our desired airport and runway, the time of day and also the desired weather. There is also a nice description of our chosen airport on the right hand side. Having selected our airport of choice, a short delay will occur while the loading screen does its work. When completed, we find ourself in the hot seat of the tower of our chosen airport.

    Wilco - Tower Simulator windows

    Our initial view would seem somewhat distant from the terminal as seen in the above picture, but this a good representation of what ATC would actually see from their vantage point.

    Wilco - Tower Simulator out the window view

    A 'binocular view' is available by using the mouse wheel. The ability to pan the view is achieved by holding down the right mouse key and moving the mouse around. However, the lateral view is limited to 180 degrees as viewing behind the tower is not necessary in this environment.

    As well as our main view, four additional windows appear, and these are explained below.

    1. Hiking's Avatar
      Hiking -
      Looks interesting... I really should get my flight yoke fixed up and get back into flight simming...
    1. Carob's Avatar
      Carob -
      Are all commands give through key commands? No voice control?
    1. mariangeles's Avatar
      mariangeles -
      Any problem with Windows10 and or with fs2004 (fs9) ??
    1. ryogahibiki345's Avatar
      ryogahibiki345 -
      This is a standalone simulator, and has nothing to do with MSFS. Seems to work well under Windows 10 though.
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