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    RAF Pocklington

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    Neil Birch

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    RAF Pocklington is one of a series of vintage RAF airfields dotted around the United Kingdom created by SDB Designs. Judging by how many of these sceneries the developers have created, I'm guessing that they have a real love for these old airfields, many of which survive, but are best viewed from the air.

    SDB - RAF Pocklington overview

    Like my very own farm strips and Westwood Walks (we actually fly not walk) these RAF airfields are definitely a niche market and will most likely appeal to simmers with an interest in the Second World War.

    Situated near the east coast, just north of the city of Hull, Pocklington was surrounded by a host of other airfields, and must have been a great place for young plane spotters of the time. The airfield was built on or near the site of a First World War airfield called Barmby, which was in truth, not much more than a field. It was used from April 1916 by the fledgling Royal Air Force, known then as the Royal Flying Corps, or RFC for short. Stationed there were 76 Squadron, and they operated BE II and BE 12 biplane fighters on Zeppelin patrols over the North Sea (without any success).

    SDB - RAF Pocklington     SDB - RAF Pocklington

    RAF Pocklington was on the government's airfield expansion plans as early as 1933, but work didn't start on the airfield until 1939 (rather late in the day when you consider hostilities began as of September that year).

    After much work, the airfield finally opened opened in 1941 as a bomber station. The first squadron to move in were the Royal Canadian Air Force, with twin engined Wellington bombers. In 1942, the much larger, four engined Halifax bombers (portrayed in the scenery) replaced the Wellingtons, and were stationed there until 1944. These in turn were replaced with Liberators and Dakotas. The airfield closed in 1946, and over time has slowly moved over to industry. However, many of the original buildings survive and as such, it's a sort of swords to ploughshares.

    There are many stories regarding Pocklington and other RAF airfields during the war, as the records kept were very good at the time. One of the saddest has to be of Halifax II JD165 'S' sugar, when on the night of January 28th, returning from a raid over Berlin, it was hit by flak and struggled to maintain height. By the time the aircraft and crew had reached the coast, their altitude had dropped to 2000 feet, and had to to ditch in the sea soon after. A distress signal was sent, but the freezing conditions at the time meant that the crew, even though they had managed to climb into their dinghy, were unable to use the radio mast and canned rations. To make matters worse, a wave flipped the dinghy over, causing the crew, yet again, to fall into the icy water. Four managed to clamber back into the dinghy, but the other three crew members (unable to pull themselves in) drifted away with the sea. The four lone survivors were rescued a day and a half later.

    SDB - RAF Pocklington     SDB - RAF Pocklington

    FSX Scenery Features

    • Seasonally changing ground textures
    • Operational night lighting
    • Full compliment of custom built hangars and support buildings
    • Weapons storage area and technical site
    • AI Handley Page Halifax bombers of 102 Squadron
    • Halifax bombers perform touch-and-go landings and the main body of Halifax' depart to bomb Frankfurt at 19:47 Zulu

    1. flyingrailman's Avatar
      flyingrailman -
      I bought this scenery when it was first released, very pleasing on the eye but try as I might I can't get any of the aircraft to appear. Apart from that it matches the other WW2 airfields I have. Any suggestions to get these hallybags to appear would be welcome
    1. degeus's Avatar
      degeus -
      As a Prepar3D V4 user I am disappointed that it is not compatible with V4. Especially V4 could offer additional scenerygoodies.
      Hoping it will come it will come in the next future,
      Piet de Geus
    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Quote Originally Posted by flyingrailman View Post
      I bought this scenery when it was first released, very pleasing on the eye but try as I might I can't get any of the aircraft to appear. Apart from that it matches the other WW2 airfields I have. Any suggestions to get these hallybags to appear would be welcome
      From the manual:

      The following settings are recommended under Settings - Display - Traffic:

      - To see the AI Halifax bombers in action set Airline Traffic Density to 100%
      - To avoid General Aviation aircraft landing at RAF Station Pocklington set General Aviation Traffic Density to 0%
      - The AI are “scaled” from 10% to 100%

      Hope this helps.

    1. flyingrailman's Avatar
      flyingrailman -
      Thanks Dominic, already done as advised by SDB but to no avail. It seems that some AI traffic is not liked by my system, I have SDB's RAF Binbrook and all the lightnings do their thing as programmed, so the the [email protected] I've got but this one just does'nt want to play ball??.
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