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    Historic Jetliners Group Updates DC-10 For FS2004/FSX

    It's been four years since HJG first launched its DC-10 inventory. Within a year of that original release though it was already rethinking this entire project, given the fidelity gap which then existed between its L-1011 and DC-10 panels.

    Upgrading the original DC-10 panel releases was considered essential in order to parallel the quality of both projects. HJG is therefore now pleased to announce release of its "new" DC-10 project.

    This revision represents some three years (2 years and 11 months to be precise) of study, consultation, compilation, testing, and adjusting, assisted by significant R/W support and driven by the dedication and efforts of George Carty, Mike Monce, and Benoit Plamondon, aka "the HJG in-house development team".

    This project isn't just a panel revision only. In fact it's "an entirely new project" composed of each of the following components:

    Twelve new panels (featuring both standard and tape engine instrumentation), each of which are also now "aircraft type specific.

    Please note: These "new" panels are now both FS2004 and FSX compatible and composed of all the following features:

    • New captain and F/O view main panel view options with improved gauges.
    • Aircraft/engine type calibrated engine gauges.
    • Dynamic weight and flap detent calibrated V-REF chart (with auto-updating T/O and landing data).
    • Multi-functional AP MCP with both VS and IAS pitch modes, VOR/INS/GPS navigation, and auto approach, and fully automatic dual AP controlled auto-flare/autoland capability.
    • Dual AT with Thrust Rating Computer interactivity.
    • WX radar with colour display.
    • Operating windshield wipers.
    • FE panel with functional APU, electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, and fuel system (with both transfer and dumping capability and external vapor effects).
    • APU and GPU assisted engine startup scenarios.
    • New overhead panel with ground support communications.
    • New center pedestal panel with a new spoiler lever arming and auto-deployment function.
    • New panel/gauge night lighting/illumination.
    • T/O V-Speed call outs.
    • FPDA GPWS altitude call-outs and other alerts.
    • FPDA gear wind effect (FS2004 only)
    • Both the ability to perform partial or complete cold & dark panel configuration and engine startup optionsm, as well as default pre-configured/ready to go option (for those who do, and don't, like systems complexity respectively).

    Eleven "new" DC-10 aircraft base packs each of are supported by the following features:

    • New FDE (essential for various elements of these new panels to be able to function).
    • Some minor 3D model editing.

    And six "new" (UI) DC-10 sound packs have also now been released, recompiled in accordance with the new base pack/FDE parameters and as separate "FS2004" and "FSX" specific audio files.

    For further information concerning this "new" DC-10 project release please refer to HJG's following web site announcement.

    Work continues to advance in regard to a number of other new HJG projects and revisions slotted for future release.

    Mark R. Cranston

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    1. lmhariano's Avatar
      lmhariano -
      If you don't mind about the lack of VC, this is the BEST DC-10 addon you can ever find for FS9 and FSX. I even uninstalled the CLS HD one because of this release.
    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      FYI ....

      We have today updated our DC-10-10, DC-10-10CF, DC-10-15, and DC-10-40 (NWO/NWA version only) Aircraft Base Packs with new "V3.1" files .... to correct some "very minor" Model related display issues which became evident post release.

      PLEASE NOTE: None of these very minor issues affected the performance or functionality of any of these new DC-10 simulations.

      We have also today released an updated "V2.1" DC-10 Panels Gauges/Core Files package for our new DC-10 Panels .... this update simply enables the T/O V-Speed Call-Outs to work "in FSX" also.

      For further information/clarification regarding these updates please refer to the following HJG forum announcemrnt of today ....


      Mark C
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